Monday, May 28, 2012

Goodie in the Mail~

 Hello dear ones. I just wanted to share a wonderful gift from Dawn @ The Feathered Nest that I just received in the mail. She recently had a giveaway and I WON! :) Dawn's blog is the first blog that I ever found and figured out how to follow! lol. I was a greenhorn back then and didn't know much about blogging. Well, I didn't know anything, really. But when I discovered hers, I was so inspired by her creativity, artwork and especially her down to earth friendliness. So, enough talking and on with pics!
 The background piece of this creation is the reverse side of a canvas. 
 Don't you love the drawer pull? :)
 All the goodness of nature that she used...fabulous. 
 All stuffed in a sweet pocket...
And this sweet note on the back of her card.  Dearest Dawn, thank you. You made my day. It really lifted my spirits. May God bless your sweet heart. 

I hope  you are all doing well, my friends. Thank you for your visits and caring comments during this time of troubles. I truly appreciate each and everyone. 

God bless and love to you,


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Update and a Gift From a Friend~

Hello my dear friends. Just a short post to let you know what is going on and I had to share a wonderful gift from a dear blogger friend.

As most of you know my dear hubby has been very ill since the end of March. Mel had a doctor's visit on Wednesday and the doctor gave us news that it was time for Hospice to step in. He said that he had tried everything he could think of and that Mel has not responded to the medication. Mel is totally at peace about what's to come. And me? I'm trying hard to be. The Lord has been carrying us through this whole ordeal and we are so thankful for that. We are choosing to see the blessings in all of this and it truly does give us peace. At this time Mel isn't in any pain and we are SO thankful! We're  enjoying every moment that we can.  

I want to thank all my friends, near and far that have given us support, prayers,encouragement and especially their love. I won't ever forget it. 

Speaking of friends, do you know Linda @ Charmed Victorian? Linda is a sweetie and you really must meet her.  She had a giveaway last year and I won it! Two beautiful necklaces that she had made. Go visit her blog and you will see just what I mean. The necklaces are gorgeous! When she found out about Mel being ill she emailed me and asked me to email her a photo of Mel and I- that she wanted to make me something. See what I mean about being a sweetie?   I just received the gift this last Tuesday and I wanted to share it with you.
 Linda sent me these notepads, which I am ALWAYS needing! :)
 And this lovely pocket watch necklace! I love this photo of us! 
 I have it hanging on my rear view mirror of my car, so I can look at it all the time.
This the back of the watch. Isn't it lovely? Thank you, dear, dear Linda! I will treasure it always.

Thank you for dropping by today. I am missing  you all so much but I need to spend time with my Mel. Go say hi to Linda!

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to cherish your loved ones everyday. 

Love and God bless you,