Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fun and Games~

 Hello dear friends. Have you ever been to Cabo San Lucas?  Well...I haven't either, but I wouldn't mind it. I got this postcard with my order from Novica today! Beautiful, isn't it?
 This is what was written on the back. I still need to translate it. 
 This little card came with it too. It's from the Artisan, Marco Polo! :) 
 His creation came wrapped like this! 
 With this little clay pitcher and raffia tied to it. So cute.

The photos do not do justice to the quality of the craftsmanship of this piece. I'm going to hang this on my fence in the backyard.  I will definitely be shopping more at Novica online!
I found a little bag of Rummikub pieces at a garage sale last summer and thought I would do something with a couple of them. I used alcohol ink to color the background, some rub-ons and an earring piece. 
This one was out of the ordinary for me. But this piece had a picture of the moon. I think it's the moon and thought I could add some stars and rhinestones. Then I started rummaging through some bits and pieces and found this marble with a flat back and thought it would make a cool planet. I drilled some holes in the rummikub and wrapped wire around the marble 3 time to make it look kind of like the rings on Saturn. Then added the letters d-r-e-a-m. What do you think? Weird? ;)

Thanks for stopping by today. And thank you for all the kind words, prayers and well wishes for my husband. He is doing great! Your comments make my day!

Have a great weekend, dear friends. 



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Sonya:
We are in awe of so many creative and imaginative people, yourself included, producing with apparent ease such lovely items. Wonderful.

We are so pleased to learn of your husband's progress - long may it continue!

Jó hétvégét!

Kasia said...

I love what you created!!! I think these necklaces are just so darn cute! :) The sun is beautiful too... Looks like its getting blown in the breeze! I've seen a sun like this somewhere, just cant remember where! Now Ill be thinking about it like crazy! LOL


Dorthe said...

Hi dear-
your new Novica purchase will look great in your garden, I love that kind of rustic pieces in the garden-too-
and your hangers are too cute. What great find, to play on with- Sonya.
Week-end hugs to you.

khess136 said...

so happy to hear your dh is on the mend! I love your darling jewelry pieces and I'm always inspired by your beautiful work!

violi igłą malowane said...

I've seen it in the store Novice sun is divine. Pendants like me,

Marva said...

Hi Sonya! Love your game pieces! I have some of those somewhere in my art room. I should be down there doing some art or at least organizing....

momto8 said...

you have a beautiful talent!! georgeous creations.

Wendy said...

hello from Holland :)
what a fun idea to use the rummikub! I especially like the "11" one...

Lynn Stevens said...

Great idea for using the game pieces!
Your Sun is wonderful and Love how he packaged it with a personal greeting too!
Hugs Lynn