Friday, March 16, 2012

An ATC to Share~

 Hello again, dear friends. Have you ever tried making an ATC (artist trading card)? Well, this is my first and I have to say it was a lot of fun and challenging to make something that small. The background of the card is torn pieces of ink stained paper, a stamping of the Eiffel tower and a couple french words.
 The piece of jewelry with the face of a clock on it was actually an earring but the big pink stone fell out and I lost it!! But this little clock face fit perfectly in the hole. I glued some coffee stained gauze underneath the earring, added some pink flowers and a gold metal stamping of some leaves and a few little seed beads.
 This is a piece of a brooch that I cut apart. The stones are a really pretty, iridescent pink,  and the leaves are mother-of-pearl.
This is only 2 1/1 inches by 3 1/2 inches. Not very big at all. 

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What have you been up to? Any creating? Any Easter projects going? I need to get busy with that! 

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Irish Blessings,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fun and Games~

 Hello dear friends. Have you ever been to Cabo San Lucas?  Well...I haven't either, but I wouldn't mind it. I got this postcard with my order from Novica today! Beautiful, isn't it?
 This is what was written on the back. I still need to translate it. 
 This little card came with it too. It's from the Artisan, Marco Polo! :) 
 His creation came wrapped like this! 
 With this little clay pitcher and raffia tied to it. So cute.

The photos do not do justice to the quality of the craftsmanship of this piece. I'm going to hang this on my fence in the backyard.  I will definitely be shopping more at Novica online!
I found a little bag of Rummikub pieces at a garage sale last summer and thought I would do something with a couple of them. I used alcohol ink to color the background, some rub-ons and an earring piece. 
This one was out of the ordinary for me. But this piece had a picture of the moon. I think it's the moon and thought I could add some stars and rhinestones. Then I started rummaging through some bits and pieces and found this marble with a flat back and thought it would make a cool planet. I drilled some holes in the rummikub and wrapped wire around the marble 3 time to make it look kind of like the rings on Saturn. Then added the letters d-r-e-a-m. What do you think? Weird? ;)

Thanks for stopping by today. And thank you for all the kind words, prayers and well wishes for my husband. He is doing great! Your comments make my day!

Have a great weekend, dear friends. 


Monday, March 5, 2012

I Can Do All Things...

Hello friends. I was in the mood for mixed media again. The background of this canvas is music paper and sewing pattern paper. Then I used acrylic paint (watered down so you could see a little of the paper underneath.
I chose  to hand write the scripture from Philippians. It made it more personal to me.
The images of butterflies came from Graphics Fairy. I LOVE her vintage images. And they are FREE!
I outlined each butterfly with ink, so they would stand out more.

Paul wrote these words while imprisoned. It was so encouraging to me. There's been times in my life that I thought, I can't get through this. But friends, we can...through Christ who strengthens us.

Yesterday, I had a scare. My husband became very ill-all of a sudden. I thought he was having a heartattack. I called the ambulance and we took a trip to the hospital. Pacing the floor in the hospital, waiting and wondering, I started to pray. I felt like I was going to break down and start crying. But when I started praying all of a sudden this scripture came to mind again. Then I said to the Lord, Paul's right. I "can" do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Lord, give me that strength right now. I had a peace come over me that you can only get from the Lord. After 5 hours of tests and waiting and my hubby laying there with an I.V. of pain meds dripping through his veins, the doctor came in and said yep, it's a kidney stone! Praise God! Not that kidney stones aren't awful. They are! But it wasn't a heartattack and that was a relief.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Love is the Key~

 Hello sweet friends. This chain belonged to my Mother. She would have loved what I did with it. She liked lots of bling.  I added some bling to the key and stamped the word "Love" in the top. Have you ever used the metal stamps? I didn't find it very easy to do. Of course, I probably don't have the right tools either...but I got it done. After smashing my thumb a couple times. :P

 Some of these pieces were left over from a class I just took. I couldn't let them go to waste.
The round piece above the key is a button that I just love. I don't remember where I got it but I thought it was pretty on the necklace. I soldered each jumpring onto the necklace too, so I wouldn't have to worry about losing any pieces. 

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Have a wonderful day full of many blessings.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some Boomarks to Share~

 Hello dear friends. I thought I would share three bookmarks that I made up the other day. The first one I made with a pretty "aubergine" (egg plant) colored ribbon and a couple of vintage earrings.
 This one is made with a Paper Whimsy image. I think this little girl is so cute and I liked this quote-"a book is a garden carried in the pocket".
 This bookmark I made for my hubby. He said I always make my bookmarks too feminine and asked me if I could make him one that wasn't so foo-foo. Well, I tried. He will use this one for his bible-so what better quote than this?
 I used vintage buttons and a rusty heart. Don't you love this ribbon netting? It's from Flights of Fancy. I tried to capture the coppery shimmer to it in the photo.
This is also from Flights of Fancy-I love the beading in the center of the flowers.

What have you been up to? I've been working in my craft room where it's warm and toasty, since it's been snowing outside! Not that much though. More rain than snow. I hope you are all doing well and are getting to do something fun. I would love to hear from you!

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Warm hugs,