Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Package From Denmark!

 Hello my dear friends.  Guess what I got? Yes, another gift in the mail!  From my friend:

           Dorthe from Den Lille Lade 

Have you met her? If you haven't you must, you will love her, I promise.  Come see what she sent me. Everything wrapped so beautifully too.
 First, this bag she made with birds on the front with a flower closing the top.
 Inside was this beautiful heart-shaped tag with lacey scraps sewn on the front with a bird stamped distressed tag on top. I "heart" this heart, Dorthe. ;) 
 Secondly, this beautifully wrapped gift with french script paper in creamy brown tones. And look at the flower-I just know she made it and I love the color.  Too pretty to unwrap, huh?.... But I did!
 Just look at this collage that she made me. Look at all the details.  The lace, the angelic-faced little girl, the roses, the Fleur-De-Lis stamping, French and German wording and the little angel on the top and the words, "friend are angels without wings".  Yes, they are and Dorthe is one.
 This is what she wrote on the back. And Dorthe, your gifts are a daily joy to me too.
 Last but not least, another lovely wrapped gift with a beautiful cross tied to it with a silky ribbon.
 Look who I found inside. Don't you love how Dorthe tucked her inside this sweet hankie and pinned it so preciously with the little medal pendant of Jesus. I love it, Dorthe.
 I was trying to take this photo and it was very cloudy gray day but I wanted you to see this fairy's pixy face close up. Isn't she precious?
 She sits on a little stand. Look at her flower hat and...
 and the stars. I just love eyelet fabric.
 I tried like crazy to get this photo turned upright but blogger was being stubborn today. Look at her boots and her little slip-Dorthe paid attention to so much detail. She is just precious to me.
 Her wings craftily made with fabric netting.
Have I been spoiled or what? Thank you SO MUCH, Dorthe dear. You are too generous and kind to me. I will cherish these gifts. They will be proudly displayed in my studio so I can see them everyday. 

I hoped you enjoyed the sharing of my gifts today. Go visit Dorthe and tell her how wonderful she is-she deserves to hear it. :)

Hugs and blessings to all of you,


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Mieke'S said...

Very Nice!
Greetings Mieke'S

Karen Harvey Cox said...

Oh, your gifts are wonderful. Swoon worthy for sure. I love everything, and I will stop by and visit her blog. Speaking of blogs I love yours. So lovely to meet you.


khess136 said...

How lovely, Sonya! Dorthe is an amazing artist and you are certainly blessed to be on the receiving end of her talent!

Candy C said...

How wonderful is that? Such beautiful creations from a very talented artist! Wow!!! I am sure you will treasure them. <3 Candy

Kasia said...

WOW! You really have been spoiled! What a great friend Dorothe is!!!! All these are so beautiful!!!!


Createology said...

Dorthe and everything she makes is so very must be also to receive such treasures. Blissful...

Susan said...

Wbat beautiful gifts your friend Dorothe sent you. She must be a treasured friend.

Dorthe said...

Dear Sonya, I`m so happy you recieved my gifts, and that you loves it.Thankyou my sweet friend, for all the beautiful words here....I feel blessed to be your friend, and you are the wonderful one, sweet one.
Much love and hugs, Dorthe

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Sonya,
such beautiful gifts dear Dorthe spoiled you with.Enjoy your treasures and have a great week.

Lululiz said...

Dorthe is such an incredible friend. I adore her creations, and you received such beauties! I know you will treasure them forever.

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Sonya
I know I'm a bit late to comment but I did want to say just how gorgeous are the gifts made from the hands of our sweet friend Dorthe.
You are both truly blessed friends.
Have a lovely weekend!
Big warm hugs,