Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Happy Birthday dear Jesus!
Hello dear friends!  I just wanted to wish you  the very merriest of Christmas'  and may the New Year bring you much peace, love, good health and hope.

 I bake a cake and place a little baby Jesus (from our Nativity set) on top of the cake and we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. My Grandson just loves that...and so do I.

I will be busy for the next couple of weeks but I sure hope you can come back and visit me. I love hearing from all of you.  

God's blessings to you,

Monday, December 19, 2011

Blessings From My Blog Friends~

Hello dear ones!  I couldn't wait to share my wonderful gifts I received in the mail yesterday. I checked the mail before I went shopping and wanted to wait til I got home so I could take photos. Do you know how hard that was not to open them?
The first thing I opened was this lovely Christmas tag that my friend, Marie at Lost Bird Studio sent me! Do you know her? Go visit this sweet talented gal! I admire her creations so much. I love this image of these little angels. Can you see the glitter too?
Thank you, dear Marie! Merry Christmas to you too!
The next was a package from sweet Sandy at Quill Cottage.  You must go visit her too! She is such a gifted artist AND writer! You will love her and her blog.
If you've visited her before, you know that she recently had a giveaway and she giving these beautiful tags that she created just by using her scraps in her studio! Wow, huh?
I love all the textures and layers. Just beautiful.

This is the back of the tag. Don't you love embossed paper?
I had to take quite a few photos because I wanted you to be able to appreciate how beautiful this is.
                                          Back of the gift tag.

She used this wallpaper for the gift wrapping. See the texture and embossing? Oh, I want this on my walls!!
When I opened this, I just about started to cry! It so, so beautiful!
She burnt the words, "Pocket Full of Dreams" in the wood.

There are pockets behind the front piece of the artwork.
                                    So creative, isn't she?
Sandy used a piece of rusted barbed-wire for the branch that the birdie is sitting on. Isn't that wonderful?

                                                    I love embroidery work!

                                                           Real pods!

This is so beautiful, Sandy, I am in awe. I showed it to my husband and he said," It's really beautiful, isn't it?" For him to say that is a REAL compliment! :) When we move into our new home, this will hang in my living room. It goes perfectly. Thank you so much! 

I don't know what's going on with blogger again but all of a sudden it's turning my photos sideways. I tried to fix them like I use to but it isn't working. Ok, blogger, FIX it! Thank you.-.- For that reason I couldn't share some of the photos.

Thank you for visiting today and letting me share my special gifts from my dear blogger friends, Marie and Sandy. Go visit their blogs and tell them how wonderful they are! :) I pray that YOU all have a very blessed Christmas.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

O Christmas Tree...

 Hello sweet friends! Just a short post this time. I've had this laying on my craft table for about 3 weeks and finally finished it, while babysitting my boy.
 I used the Martha Stewart tinsel glitter. I love that stuff. The camera didn't even begin to pick up all the sparkle that the glitter gives off.

I would love to do a whole feather tree with cookie cutter ornaments. Wouldn't that be cute? ;) Maybe next year...if I remember.

Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments! 


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Presents From Up North!

 Hello my dear friends!  Just had to share a package I received in the mail from up north! No, not the North Pole. But Canada! Yes, if you've visited before then you probably know where this package came from! My dear friend, Katherine at Chatelet! Just look at all the goodies!! Can you say, WOW!? I sure did when I opened the box!  I will warn you ahead of time, there are lots of pics. So I will try not to talk, I mean write too much.
 Deacon was pretty happy about it too! Because she sent him Spiderman gifts! His favorite! He said "Thank you, Katherine!". :)
 She sent me a LOT of sweets. Most of it I've never heard of before. These glazed gingerbread cookies are... I mean -were delicious! ;)
 Deacon latched onto these real quick!
 Ohhhh these are super duper yummy kids!
 Yes, I'm sure I will be needing to wear my stretch pants...real soon!
 I can't begin to tell you how yummy all of these sweets are!
 I won't be using these dominos for crafting! :)
 I wish I would have taken a pic of this when I opened it. It was beautiful. Did you get that? Was?
 I have never ate black currants in my life and these were fabulous!
 Oh and chocolate covered cherries! Mmmmm...
 These shortbread cookies are wonderful with tea.
 This present was wrapped so beautifully, I hated to mess it up.
 I love the color of these dominoes. They have that aged look that I love.
 Cute little lavender bag with...
 this adorable little wooden bear inside!
 Sissie is asking how this piece of cloth looks with her eyes. She thought it was hers.
 Katherine wraps her gifts so artistically. Lovely.
 She made this beautiful ornament that is now hanging on my tree.
 I love the sparkle in this jewel!
 I wish you could feel this paper! It is really thick like wallpaper. Love it. Tried to be careful when opening so I can use it in my crafts. I love the rose she made. And don't you love the rusted stars?
 Deacon wanted to help open it.
 Isn't this a gorgeous frame?  Oh I just love pearls and bling!
                                                    Close-up view...
                                          And this...
 Yes, she made this ornament too, which is also hanging on my tree of homemade ornaments. She made the flower too, of course! I don't know if she made the doily but it wouldn't surprise me! They are gorgeous!
 Guess what my New Year's resolution is going to have to be? ;) Notice the name on the box?
 Doesn't it make your mouth water? 
 Isn't this pretty with the deer cut-out in the center? Darn it, I forgot to load the picture of what was inside this bag! It is called Tahin Helvasi. I looked it up on line to see what the words meant-plus I wanted to know what I was eating. It was a very important dessert in Turkey during the Ottoman period.  It's a sesame paste that just melts in your mouth and my friends, it is so delicious!   I had my friends in my bible study group taste it and they just loved it too.
 A scrumptious chocolate Santa made in Germany. The chocolate is so smooth and creamy, it just melts in your mouth.
 He was broken from the shipping but it made him doubly delicious! ;)
                                      Beautifully wrapped once again...
 Look what Katherine made?  A beautiful altered perfume bottle!
 Isn't he the cutest snowman?  These photos do not do justice to this creation of hers!
                                        What's this?
                     Oh how I love glittered things! Don't you?
                                                Oh my....stars!
 Now...can you say "WOW" ?  Unbelievable, huh? Katherine, YOU are TOO generous and kind to me, dear girl! I am in sweet tooth heaven! Thank you SO much! You should have seen hubby's eyes when I showed him!
I had to take this pic of Deacon while he was watching a Christmas show. He looked like an angel (sitting still). :) 

Sorry about the long post but how could I leave anything out? Isn't Katherine the sweetest? Go visit her and tell her hi for me! And go ahead, tell her how much she spoils me!

How is YOUR Christmas holiday coming along? I have been SO busy as some of you know. That's why I haven't been posting much lately, and  I miss it! One reason is we sold our home! So it's been kind of crazy around here! Hopefully, by the end of next month things will be back to normal. I have a few packages that I am sending out to some of my blog friends and they probably won't make it in time for  Christmas! But know they WILL get sent out!  I have been thinking about you, my friends! I pray that you are all doing well.

Merry CHRISTmas to you all,