Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It Sure Feels Like Christmas!

 Hello sweet friends! I came home yesterday afternoon to find to boxes on my front porch! Guess who they were from? If you guessed my friend, Katherine, then you are right! Go visit her blog, Chatelet and tell her hello and how wonderful she is! She told me that packages were coming and that she had sent them last Thursday. She said the postman reassured her that they would arrive in time for my birthday! Really? They arrived 4 days early! That was FAST!  I sent her two packages awhile back and I think it took 3 weeks! I just had to share all the precious gifts she sent! Warning! There's a lot of pics, but I couldn't leave anything out. I'll try not to talk too much, k?

 This beautiful package is for my bath-they're called Fairy cakes and fancies. I wished I would have taken a pic of the soaps! They look good enough to eat!
 This sweet package had...
 This beautiful journal that Katherine's daughter, Magda made me! I LOVE it! I can't believe this was her first one she's ever made! Thank you, Magda!
 Isn't this a gorgeous rose? And the book...
 Shakespeare in German! This book has such a beautiful texture to it too!
 This lovely wrapped in silky material and a beautiful flower that I know Katherine made herself.
 Gorgeous, isn't it?
 Inside was this fragrant Floris candle with the hyacinth scent! Heavenly!
 This precious pink package wrapped in a fabric that I can't think of the name of right now is so beautiful with the pink jewel attached.
 Isn't this box fabulous?  I love everything about it!
 It contained this Honey Almond Shea Butter soap that I can't wait to try!
 Some lovely french soap in Lilac, lavender and violet scents.
 This wonderful lacey goodness was tied and a pearl gem attached to it.
 Tucked inside were these lovely little salt and pepper shakers. I have a few of these that I love setting at the table for each place setting. It looks lovely in candlelight.
 This adorable doily was tied up into a little ball and inside...
 was this bath truffler scented with Fig and Pink Cedar. Mmmmm.
 This beautiful tin was filled with delicious candies that Katherine made herself.
 Heavenly scented sugar coated orange slices dipped in chocolate!
 I just couldn't wait! I showed my husband and he said that I better give him one now, or there wouldn't be any left! :) He's probably right.

                                  Dear Katherine made this too.
                              A little box holding my guardian angel inside!
 Guess what was inside this pumpkin felt bag?
 Yep! Candy! Delicious polish candy! Is your mouth watering?
                             I love this book, Katherine! Is that me on the front with the little poodle? :)
 This awesome burlap bag with...
 jars of apple/pear jam, plum/apple, plum/chocolate (yes, I said chocolate!) and a spicy papaya chutney like jam, that she made herself! I can't wait to try them!
 This wonderful goody bag was for Deacon. He was SO excited!
 He has part of his costume on. :) He LOVES Spiderman and is always pretending to be him.
 A treat from Katherine's daughter Vanda. It makes BIG bubbles! He wanted to play with it right then and there. It was only 9:00 at night and it was pouring outside!
                                           A puzzle book...
 Candy with a glowing light on the top when you push a button.

                                        Can you tell he liked it? 
                 Deacon says, thank you Katherine and Vanda!! :)
 This card that Katherine made me came in the mail yesterday too! Can you believe they all arrived together?
Thank you SO much my dear friend! You have made this a wonderful birthday week and have really boosted my spirits! I'm so thankful for our friendship. God bless you and your two lovely daughters.

I hope all of you dear bloggers are doing well. Are you getting ready for the Christmas holidays yet? I would love to hear about it!

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes for my husband. He is slowly getting his health back, praise God! I think the prayers are working on him!

God bless,


Dorthe said...

Oh dear Sonya. this must have been overwhelming-so many gorgeous little packets ,all filled with beautiful and lovely gifts.
Such a wonderful friend.you have.
Am I counting right ,if I tell you to have a beautiful and happy birthday,tomorrow ?
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Sonya:
How absolutely wonderful. And how extraordinarily generous of Katherine/Kasia at Chatelet who is, we know from following her blog since we started in April, one of the kindest, warmest hearted, talented of people in the whole Blogosphere. You are most fortunate to have her as a friend.

WE are so relieved to hear better news of your husband.

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Sonya,
What wonderful birthday gifts you received! I love how your friend wrapped each item individually with such beautiful wrappings. I know that you'll enjoy each gorgeous gift she sent to you.
Stay safe and warm---

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Sonya,
mmh, you opend the packages before your Birthday?? Beautiful gifts from Katherein - she really spoiled you big time.Enjoy your treasures and I'm glad that your husband is feeling better.

Blessings from Cindy said...

Oh my, what an absolutely wonderful collection of goodies for your birthday! Katherine took a lot of time & thought in sending you all kinds of things that you (& your family) would enjoy! The box with the guardian angel is the sweetest!! You know I need to see all the handmade things, sweet friend!! They are all very special! Talk to you soon!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Sonya Sweetie...
Oh what a gorgeous share this morning. Lovely packages indeed. I hope you have a beautiful birthday sweet friend, and many more to come.

I love that each little package was so covered in love from your blogging friend Katherine. That was so sweet of her. Love the candles and the soaps, but that little guardian angel box is priceless. I LOVE that.

I am going over to Dawn at the Feather Nest and see the tutorial for the little snowman you completed. That is so precious. I love that. I collect snowman, so how fun it would be to make some of my own. Thank you for sharing that below as well.

Many hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

Lululiz said...

You must have had a fantastic time opening the boxes and unwrapping all those wonderful gifts. My goodness, those are fabulous presents.

Kasia said...

Ohhh my dear dear girl! Im so happy that you like them! And for all the compliments, thank you! Im also thrilled that Mel is feeling better! :D

Sweet hugs to you!

Vicki said...

WOW!! Katherine is just the sweetest. Happy early birthday! You deserve such sweet gifts.

Barbara Jean said...

fun and wonderful post my friend!!


marie said...

So many wonderful treasures! Happy mail is the best. Looks like Deacon thinks so too!