Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Surprise in the Mail!

 Hello sweet friends! I have to tell you, that I'm getting pretty darn spoiled this week! Another one of my bloggy friends sent me a birthday package today! My friend, Marie at Lost Bird Studio, I'm sure you know her! If you don't, you must pay her a visit! She is very sweet (obviously) and very,very talented! Just look at the goodies!
 She wrapped this little package so sweetly I hated to disturb it. I love the feather and so did my cat, Buddy!  I was trying to take pics and he kept sticking his nose in trying to get the feather!
 I know this little girl is a Paper Whimsy girl. She is just adorable-I love her!
 This is the back of the hanging pic. Thank you so much, Marie. Can you see what it says on the side of it?
                             A vintage clothespin wrapped with lace.
 This bird is darling with the wonderful background and lace.
                                                 What's in the bag?
 Wonderful bits and bobs that I will definitely use in my crafting! Oh I love it!
                                         More pretty lace with something inside.
 Yippee! One of Marie's soldered pieces! I LOVE it! Isn't the girl so pretty? I love the flower and key too!
 Don't you love that she stamped the back of it with her name?
 I'm am just overwhelmed, Marie. Such beautiful gifts, my friend.
Buddy gave up on the feather. :)  Isn't he a tubby? I just love him. He follows me everywhere like a dog (more like a child).

I just had to share with you, friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week too! I know I should have waited until Friday to open my gifts from Katherine and Marie but how could I?

Thank you again, dear Marie. I am truly blessed.



Barbara Jean said...

oh you lucky, blessed girl. best birthday to you!
love you!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

blessings on your birthday and throughout the coming year! my, my, these are such lovely presents!

Dorthe said...

Dear Sonya- I wish you a wonderful birthday-
you was truly spoiled from sweet Maris- she is a fantastic artist- I love all she made you-everything so beautiful.

Cindy Craine said...

Hey Sonya-love the present you got but I want Buddy! What a sweet furry kitty. I love big cats with long hair! Belated Happy Birthday to you! Hope it was all you wanted! xoxo-cindy

Kasia said...

Oh Sonya! These gifts are superb! SO full of love and simply beautiful! So generous of her to think of you! Ive been following Marie for a while now, and she's got amazing things, no wonder all your goodies are stunning!


Lululiz said...

What a fabulous birthday gift from Marie! Oh, you are such a lucky girl, I adore Marie's beautiful creations.

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Sonya Marie sent you some lovely things!!! Aren't birthdays fun??? Especially when you have such wonderful friends who like to send presents!! LOL!! I hope your Birthday week continues to be fabulous! You deserve it!
Much love,

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Happy Birthday,dear Sonya and may all your wishes come true. Thank you so much for your kind words:) Just so glad you liked everything.
Have the most wonderul day my friend.

Lynn Stevens said...

What wonderful gifts, Anything coming from Marie is always a treat. Enjoy your new playthings and Happy Birthday Sonya!
hugs Lynn

marie said...

You received some wonderful blessings in the mail! Marie is very talented. I love the little "wish" girl!

Happy Birthday Sonja.

Anonymous said...

Nice post thanks for sharing...God bless you...