Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hello sweet friends! I really love the Fall season and on my walks I'm always looking for things to bring home and hopefully incorporate into my crafts. I've had this drawer for awhile now and just loved the roughness of it. I painted it with creamy white paint. Just one coat as I wanted the wood to show through.

Isn't this a cool rusty handle? I painted over the word "glutin" and stamped the word "seek" I love the crackley finish the shows through the paint.

I found this piece of birch in one of my neighbors yard from their tree. Thanks neighbor! :) Then I stamped the words "Nature is the art of God".
This is a real nest that I bought at a garage sale! And the eggs are real quail eggs. I bought these at a store. I didn't realize they were real until I opened the package and saw the blow holes in them. :(
More goodies I found down by the river. I painted every piece with Mod Podge so they won't fall apart as they age.
Everything in this collage is from nature. I decided that last night while putting it together. I had planned to do something else and then I thought...what could be better than using the nature of God?
Do you enjoy nature walks? I sure do! So many wondrous things to appreciate and see. That's why I put the word "seek" on the handle.
I've been thinking about closing my blog and quitting my crafting. Do you ever think about that? I just wonder why I'm doing what I'm doing because I don't see the purpose. Like I'm not doing anything that matters to anyone else. Then I watched a movie last night and a person in the movie said "Creating doesn't always have to have a purpose-sometimes it's just the beauty of it".
I sure hope you enjoy your weekend and maybe take a nature walk. Thank you to all my followers and for all the sweet comments that you always leave.

Blessings Always,


Rebecca said...

Love the nature theme and how you put it all together... when I read the word seek this verse comes to mind
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these riches shall be added unto you...
I hope I quoted that right
anyway have a lovely day

Blessings from Cindy said...

I love your drawer collage! It is so pretty & reminds me of all the good things that God has provided us in this world. You, my friend, have a gift that God has given you & you share it so generously. You share the beauty from your mind & put it into your creations. That, is why you do what you do...

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Sonya, I love your nature collage. So very pretty and so wonderful that you used something old to create something new and beautiful. I do love to walk but here it isn't quite the same. It's blustery here today; a bit of dust out there covering the sun which is why it is cooler than usual. Folks around here will think it is winter at 65 degrees. Ha! No doubt it will warm up as the day progresses.

Just about every day, I question my existence. Feel as if I am not accomplishing much at all, that I don't really have a purpose. My almost 13 year old says he sometimes dreams that life really isn't real after all. Some people just live day to day and are content with that. While some are constantly searching for more. I feel that I am like that.

Don't stop blogging or creating beauty! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

Kasia said...

My dear girl!
Youve got the fall blues! You wrote so beautifully, and said yourself that nature is Gods gift! So isnt everything you create his gift too? Of course, so I dont even want to hear that you think no one cares.. WE ALL DO! thats why we are here, and all doing just that! We look at your stuff and get inspired! Do you think any of us would pop in to say something of yours was beautiful if it wasnt? no! You ave one of the nicest, most creative blogs and youre a sweetheart to top it off!
Whats not to love? To meet people like you is a privelege, and Im not just saying that either!

Your drawer collage is stunning! I did quail eggs for a decoration once, they come cheaper in the store and you can blow them yourself if youre gentle ;) Easy peasy! But I love your finds and they are all very beautiful!

Many many hugs to you!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Sonya:
These are such imaginative and inspiring ways to have made use of little pieces of Nature acquired along the way and put to new, interesting and decorative purpose. They are lovely and, so obviously, the product of a very creative mind.

Your blog, we are certain, brings huge pleasure to all of your many Followers and friends and would, we know, be sorely missed. And as for a purpose, we really do feel that there is enormous value to be found in doing something just for itself and the simple joy it brings to oneself and to others.

Jó hétvégét!

Phillipa said...

Hi Sonya. that collage is lovely. I do the same as you and collect while out n about.I have a couple of pretty bowls on the dresser by the door that Im always adding to.Either a pretty feather or twig or leaf and another smaller bowl for tiny shells and pebbles.I dont know why I do will have to take some photos and share them on my blog.Now that I know I'm not the only one who collects bits of nature.
And I also have trouble with telling myself that its ok to create something just for the sake of creating. It doesnt necessarily have to be useful.I'm a great fan of the Slow movement these days.Create for the sake of creating with no end purpose in mind.
Regards Phillipa

Dorthe said...

Dear Sonya, your drawer filled with God`s nature items, looks so beautiful, it is a pleasure to collect and use them for lovely creations.
And that`s why you should go on creating-- there is alwayes a purpose- --the joy you gets yourself, and the joy we gets visiting you-and seing your beautiful art pieces.
Please don`t stop!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Being creative is so good for us brings us good health! I love your beautiful collage! What a great idea! And nature walks are my favorite! Enjoy your weekend! You always inspire me...that's worth a lot! Hugs! ♥

Ivy and Elephants said...

I love all of your collected treasures. A testament to the glory of God. Only He could make such beauty. I love it.

Lululiz said...

Sonya, your nature collage is beautiful! I love collecting bits and pieces on walks as well. DS3 and I were out geocaching yesterday and the day before, and of course I had to pick up little feathers and acorns and and and...... drove him nuts, tehehe.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found your blog today, Sonya, it encouraged me to read your words. See? There is purpose in what we do even when we feel there is none. I found you through Cindy's blog (Cindy Adkins Whimsical Musings), she's one of my closest blogging friends and we encourage one another all the time. Blogging is like a box of surprise, we never know what's around the corner. I've definitely grown so much through this journey, and continue to grow.
I have two blogs, Red Scarf Diaries is where I spend time venting my passion for writing and much needed quiet reflection. One Heart at Home is where I vent my other creative energies such as crafting, cooking and decorating. I have those days too where I ask myself what's the use but it passes and then when I least expect it I get inspired and recharged or do the same for others.
Thank you for sharing your heart. I look forward to visiting.
Much love!

Anonymous said...

I see I was already following you so I will add you to my sidebar to not miss a thing. ;)
Enjoy your weekend.

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Your fall creation is so beautiful Sonya - Love all the details you have added. I do the same thing when out on walks. So inspiring.
Have a wonderful day
xo Tina