Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Treasures We Found!

 Hello again blog friends! I'll start off by showing what my daughter brought home. She's really into Shabby Chic and has her house decorated very cute. She saw this bench and had to have it. She love the sagey green and blue and this was perfect. It's surprisingly heavy.
 She bought this shabby blue trunk. So cute.
 What do you think of this?  So, so cute, isn't it? A local man builds these. I don't know his name but he sells them like crazy! I love the birdhouses with the fork and the spoon on the fronts!
 She bought this for her bathroom. I love the glass knobs.
 This is Nikki's sweet girl-Princess. She is really shy. But she likes ME! :)
                                 Not so much the camera, though.
 Now for my pile of goodies. I didn't buy anything big. I wanted to! We plan on moving into a smaller house and I would hate to have to get rid of it because lack of room. So...I'm being good. It isn't easy. I love this lock and latch! It's more rusty than it looks in the pic. This day was so hot and bright I had a hard time taking these photos. Yes, I should have waited but...I didn't.  Patient me.
                                   Love these vintage earrings!   
 I thought this would look great on a fabric collage.
 I had to get this for a Halloween project.
 This is the littlest bottle. I really need to stop buying these. I have a ton of them and still haven't done a thing with them. It's on my list though. ;)
 This will be used for a box collage. It's about 2 inches long-if that.
 More beautiful lace. Some of it already coffee stained for me!
 Cute little alligator coin purse...
 and look how deep it becomes! Perfect for a nest!
 I loved this metal piece.
 I really liked all the patterns on this. Fleur-de-lis.
 Cool lion and crown with a sword.
I love the top where there is the hat part of a suit of armour. It has some Latin words on it too, I need to look it up to see what it says. You'll never guess where this was made.  No, no and no. It was made in the USA! Can you believe that? Hmmm... weird.

Well, that's it! I hope you enjoyed seeing all the goodies we brought home. I want to go again! :) I have to tell you, that I didn't even spend $20! See! I DO need to go again!

Thank you for stopping by and for your comments. Have a wonderful Thursday, dear ones.



Trisha said...

I can't wait to see all the fun things you create with your goodies! Love the bench your daughter got...she has great taste!


Kasia said...

Oh my gosh! These are stunning! I love Nikki's finds, she probably loves you for taking you with her! Look at all that awesome stuff!!! I adore your finds, the lace is gorgeous! Lucky you girlie!!!


Barbara Jean said...

fun, fun, fun!!! love the shabby trunk, lace, and of course your lock. =)

so fun. makes me wish even more I'd gone. oh well, maybe next year.

hugs and thanks for birthday wishes.


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

What great finds,dear Sonya! Love the bench - your daughter has good taste.TFS.
Have a lovely evening.

Dorthe said...

Dear Sonya, I can`t wait to see you use, some of this wonderful finds- and I love all the finds your daughter brought home-a wonderful bench and trunk :)
Happy day-to you dear.

Kasia said...

Sweet Sonya,
"Truth is Mighty and Will Prevail", and explains the origins of the MorganStanleyGate scandal in New York. Thats what is written on the metal.Thats why its made in the USA ,
Lots of hugs