Tuesday, September 13, 2011

~More Coburg Antique Fair~

 Hello again! I'm here to show you some more wonderful items that I didn't bring home. My next post I'll show you what Nikki and I bought.
                         Great idea for a birdhouse! :)
 There was a lady jeweller/artist that had a booth there, that had gorgeous stuff! She goes to France and gets all these goodies and make beautiful, I mean beautiful jewelry. It was quite expensive but hey, you're paying for the real french deal plus her airfare! :)
 I have a problem. I love industrial, french, farmhouse, shabby chic and country. How do you incorporate ALL these things in one home? :\
 These buttons shoes are stinkin' adorable, aren't they? She wanted a lot for them. I thought.
                                     Isn't this the coolest wagon?
 Anybody want to go to the movies? I think this set of theater seats would be awesome in an entry. Don't you?
This is an altered silver spoon that my friend, Eloise turned into a beautiful necklace. She makes all kinds of things with silverware. I'm trying to get her to create a website. She would sell like crazy!
 This is Eloise and her hubby! He helps with the bending and the pounding of the silver. Have you ever worked with it? It takes a lot of strength.
You've got to double click on these pics to appreciate the beauty.
                  More hooks with bling on them. 
Deacon saw this tree and told me that I HAD to take his picture. :)
Look at this metal piece (it was sold too!) It's from Poland! Did you hear that Katherine? I love it! Double click for a better look see.
I had to show you a couple more darling houses.
I could just see myself sitting on this porch...drinking ice tea. Love this house.

I will be back tomorrow to show you what we brought home.  Thanks for stopping by and for all the comments! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 



Barbara Jean said...

great post. now off to see first one.
(I did not make it out, but going to A Vintage Gathering in Battleground this weekend. So excited!!)

thanks for great pics.


Dorthe said...

Sonya, the silverworks of your friend, looks so beautiful,- and your grandson in that huge tree,looks so happy-
A beautiful day, I can tell. :)
Hugs ,Dorthe

Kasia said...

Oh mu gosh! I would have killed for those pots! I love that! I have three like them! I made some spoons like that for keychains, but I love the hanger idea! Maybe I should make one? :P The metal piece is gorgeous, thanks girl! ;) Wonder who would want to haul that all the way from Poland!? XP
The sweetest treasure is up that tree though! :)
I love the fair, thanks for making my morning! I can just see you running around there!

Hugs to you my beautiful friend!