Friday, September 9, 2011

~Estate Sale Finds~

 Hello my sweet friends!  I got to go to two estate sales this morning and I'm sure glad I did! I found this memo board/shelf that I will redo for my studio/craft room. It's pretty heavy. Should I paint it? I'm going to redo the cork board part. The chalk  board is in good enough shape.
 You can never have too many of these, can you? Perfect for my paint brushes etc.
 I thought this wood and leather book was so cool.
 This is the first page. Double click and you can get a better look see. It's dated 1929.  And...
 all the rest of the wonderfully aged pages were blank! :) In excellent condition.
 I thought this little wooden box was cute too.
 The inside...
                                          Some vintage clothes pins.
 I hope some of you won't be grossed out about this little mink collar. I will be able to use in on one of my collages. Trust me, it will be cute. :) If I lived back in the day when they wore fur coats, I probably would have worn a fake one or none at all.
 A single rusty wheel. I have more of these that I will use for something. Don't know what yet, but I will think of something.
 When I saw this little snail it made me smile. You know why? Because I have an idea that's been brewing in my little brain that I can use this for. I love that!
 Awesome horseshoes...
 with some of the nails still in them! Awww rusty goodness!
                A rusty star for something. ;P
 A cool sealing wax set.

                                 Pretty black lacey gloves.
 I can never have too much lace and trim.
 Little containers of stars, sequins and little tiny,tiny nails.
 I thought these shoes were hilariously cute! Bingo shoes! Ha ha! My sister Roseann plays Bingo all the time and will LOVE these!
 I couldn't remember what this was called, so I asked my friend and she said it's a double tree for oxen? I love it! I will use it for something.
                                             My Buddy loves it too. :)
Ahhh! Great pillow! Sorry Buddy, Mom's not using that as a pillow.

Well, that was fun!! I sure wish I could have taken you all with me! I just wanted to keep going all day but I was with hubby. :\ 

I'm planning on going to the Coburg Antique show Sunday. Have you ever been? Oh my gosh, you would love it! I will take my camera, okay? It's suppose to be in the 90's. Blah...but at least it won't be raining, or flooding or hurricanes. So I am thankful.

Thanks for visiting today. I would love to hear what  you're up to. Always thrilled to hear from you. Have a wonderful weekend dear ones.

Blessings and love,


Kasia said...

Ohhhh Im jelling! These finds are to awesome! I thing the bar is called a swingle tree :P I had something like this when I had horses! (in Poland, but still!) I adore the lacy goodness and the shoes you got are great! And horseshoes are superb, I love the way they look! love love love AND I cannot wait what you show from your Sunday trip! :D


Dorthe said...

Sonya, what great finds, love all the old rustique things, horseshoes-and the book, and box-and the memo board, is wonderful- you had luck, dear.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
wonderful finds!! Love the gloves! Have fun at the Coburg Antique show and take lots of pics:)

Scrappin Abby said...

Hey found some AMAZING treasures for sure. Lovin the wood/leather album...that's a scrappers find for sure : )
Steve & I were planning on going to the Coburg fair again this year but we have a houseful of teenage boys for Tre's 16th bday for the weekend. Have a great time & I can't wait to see what treasures you bring home : )

Lynn Stevens said...

Sonya, I'd say you hit the mother load! I think I'd paint the message board chippy style! The album is a Great find and Love the gloves!Happy treasure hunting!
hugs Lynn

Barbara Jean said...

great finds sweetie!!! Especially love the
chalk board, yes paint it! =)

cute little wood book. Lots of possibility there for your sweet creative hand. =)

Must have been great sales.

barbara jean