Thursday, September 22, 2011

Before and After

Hello dear friends! I thought I would share a few before and after shots of the front of our house and a few things that are growing in our yard!

This the wonderful muddy mess before. We had to dig up all the sprinkler system as "someone" had poked holes in quite a few of the pipes. It looked like pitch fork holes.
Isn't it lovely?
The shrubs WILL get bigger. But it is definitely low maintenance now. If we were staying here I would add more flowers and a little tree on the right corner. 
     We now working on the backyard.
The sunflowers are from the seeds that I feed the birds. I let them grow for the bees.
               Rose of Sharon.
Sweet cherry tomatoes! Yum! See Sissie? She loves to smell them!
A little rose that was given to me by my Step-Mom. I love it and it will keep moving with me.
Another rose that I bought last summer and it blooms ALL summer until we get our first frost. I love it.
          Black-eyed Susan.
 A pretty "Stella" Lilly that smells divine.
They love the sunflower seeds...
She is sitting there patiently waiting her turn.
I leave you with a pretty a pretty setting sun. The colors remind me of Fall.

I hope you are enjoying your changing season. Are you busy crafting for the Holidays? I would love to hear about it.



Lululiz said...

What lovely photographs of your garden, and those birds crowding round your birdfeeder, so sweet.

Julie Harward said...

What a nice home and all the work in the front yard looks really good. Love the little birds and all the flowers! :D

Barbara Jean said...


hugs and blessings

Junk Fairy said...

Sonya, your garden looks aaammmazzzing! Love all your birdie friends and flowers. Thanks for entering my giveaway! Tell your friends.

Candy C said...

Sonya, your home is lovely. And all of your beautiful flowers in the back can you stand to leave? But I guess flowers can always be planted again, huh? I love the improvements to your front yard. It looks so clean and well kept. That is what I call "curb appeal"!! <3 Candy

Kasia said...

Your home is SO pretty and youre right, it IS big!!! I love your garden, so many colorful flowers and the rose you have is stunning, just like you! :) It is lovely around your homey home, and the pic at the end is superb! :) Now I know where my sweet girlie friend lives!:P