Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Trip to Treasures From the Heart

Hello my dears! How was your weekend? I thought I would share my goodies that I brought home with me Friday. First, my daughter and I went to Barb's shoppe, Treasures From the Heart  .  I wanted these black boots. Aren't they the cutest?
 I thought this mailbox door would be cute for a collage piece, what do you think?
 And Barb made these darling little is so much cuter in real life. She has more too, if you're interested.
 Great for a collage...
 These earrings are sooo pretty to me. They just sparkle.
 Zinc lids. I'm trying to stalk up for a craft I will be teaching in November at our church. I only need about 30 more! LOL.
 Cute little tart tins. See previous post for an idea of what I used one for. :)
 A compass I will use for an art piece that I have in my head that's dying to get out!
 These coin purses are really little. I can't pass one up (or two). I think maybe one egg will fit in them.
 I've been wanting this high chair too. Why? Because...
 Little Imani needed it! She fit perfectly in it.  No, I don't have a granddaughter. I need one, don't I?
I always have a great time at Barb's store. If you live in Oregon around the Eugene need to go there! Tell her I sent you. Her address in on her blog.  Thanks for the goodies, Barb!
I bought this little one the other day at an antique store. She will be perfect for another collage I want to make. She has an ouchie on her foot but I can make little shoes for her and you won't see it.

After we left Barb's shoppe we went to the Country Girls Flea Market. They had lots of great things. But guess what? I didn't buy anything! Remember I'm selling my house and will have to move whatever I buy. I'm not buying any furniture or things like that until I know what I need. I don't want to end up having to get rid of it in a garage sale. Which I'm famous for.  My daughter bought some cool stuff though. I want to take pics of it. She bought two awesome slipcovered chairs and a big huge set of school lockers. She got really good deals too!

Just wanted to let you know too, that I've opened up my online Counting My Blessings Boutique. There's a button on the right hand side if you want to go see. I've only got one thing posted so far. But I will be posting more soon.

Thanks for stopping by my friends. Have you found any great finds lately? I'd love to hear about them! Enjoy the rest of your summer-it's going by so quickly!



Susan said...

Your treasures are beautiful!

Robin said...

I absolutely love those shoes Sonya!! You have some other great finds too! Congrats on opening your boutique, I'm sure you will do well!! Have a great evening.


Blessings from Cindy said...

Lots of cool treasures! I enjoyed the Country Girls Flea Market too. I posted about my one purchase. A crafting class sounds like fun! Talk to you soon!

Kasia said...

Hello dear girl!

I absolutely love all your finds!!! I adore the boots, what a dream come true! And the tins are too sweet, and oh, everything is just superb! :) And CONGRATS on the boutique!!!! How cool is that?! Your first item is going to sell fast! :D

Hugs to you my creative friend!

Lynn Stevens said...

What wonderful finds! do those shoes fit? and of course those little purses. Off to visit your shop!
hugs Lynn

Tina Eudora said...

You really did have a wonderful time Sonya but then who wouldn't looking at all those fabulous vintage things? The shoes are so amazing to look at but I cannot imagine walking around in them all day! Yikes!
Have a very happy day...
Tina xo

Dorthe said...

Dear Sonya, You found gorgeus things,-love the boots they are WONDERFUL, the lids-and purses also- Barbs shop is realy full of beautiful things--congratulation ....:)
Hugs Dorthe

Barbara Jean said...

Such a sweet post with all your treasures on there. Sooooo good to see you both!!
(many thanks for all the sweet words and link to my lace) =)

We did not make it to the country girls sale, got part way there then ran into slow traffic.
( 20 minutes at 4 MPH!) Told Scott to just turn around and go home. =(
Found out later it was the Willamette Valley music festival.
Will try again next year.

hugs and blessings. Off to see you shop!


ScrappinAbby said...

You found some amazing treasures Sonya :) I can't wait to see what amazing art pieces you will make with your goodies. I wanted to attend the Country Girls Flea Market too but I was still getting over my summer bug...glad you and your daughter went and had a great time : )

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

You found lots of great treasures, Sonya! The boots are so cute and I also love the compass, the coin purses and the tart tins.
Your collage from the Artful Gathering Class is just gorgeous!
Have a lovely weekend!

ScrappinAbby said...

Hi Sonya...I meant to ask this in my earlier post. Is your craft workshop in November open to anyone outside your church?

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Such beautiful treasures! I especially love the coin purse and boots! so fun! :)

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Sonya! You scored big!! There are so many great little trinkets to play with, although I will admit, the shoes are my favorite!! Are you going to alter them?? Have a wonderful week my friend. It was so nice to hear from you!!

Ryanne said...

What treasures you found, love them! Right now I'm very curious to find out what you did with the tins, so I'll carry one


Ryanne from the Netherlands

Vicki said...

Sonya I love your finds! I can't wait to see you use the compass and the coin purses in your art. Congrats on opening the store!

~~Nikki~~ said...

I had fun shopping with you mom~ and at the Country Girls Flea Market..:) Love you

Rebecca said...

Hello Miss Sonya! How you be my friend? Just had to come by and see what you've been up to! LOVE YOUR FINDS! FAB! Congrats on opening the store!!!!!!