Friday, August 12, 2011

A Day at the Beach and a Tag

 Hello dear friends! As some of you might remember we went to the beach last Saturday for my niece's wedding. Well, the wedding happened but we were 2 hours late because we couldn't find it! We forgot the GPS at home and I got the directions off of the computer. By the time we found it, the wedding party and the bride and groom were eating!! I was trying to take some pics of my grandson and this little girl kept insisting that she wanted to be in the photos too! :) I don't know her name or who she is but she is a cutie. I wish Deacon held still for photos like she did!
 Trying to get him to look up long enough to take his pic was out of the question.
 My daughter squinting at the brightness of the day.

 People out riding their horses. Looks like so much fun!
 Now maybe he will hold still long enough! :)
                                             He thought this was great.
 Can you tell he's trying to see his reflection in my camera lens?
                                  I'm too chicken to try this.
 I will appreciate the waves standing on the beach, thank you.

My beach-themed inspired tag I made this morning. The shells are from Ashlee's wedding. The background is a piece of blue tissue paper mod podged on the front and back. The image of the little girl is from Paper Whimsy.

What are your plans for this weekend? Anything fun? I made another collage using a book cover for the background. Will post about that next.

Have a fabulous weekend and thank you for stopping by and especially for your comments. I always look forward to hearing from you. And new followers are always welcome too.




Kasia said...

Oh dearie, Deacon is SO sweet! Your girl looks beautiful as always! :) Looks like you had some fun after all! ;) The tag is gorgeous! I love the theme!


Miss Sandy said...

Oh, I am so sorry you missed the wedding, but at least you got to visit and the beach is just beautiful! Love the tag and what a beauty and cutie you have in that daughter and grandson of yours. Have a happy weekend!

Vicki said...

Hi there! So sorry you missed the wedding ceremony. You did get some fun pics and I love that tag.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I've been late twice for important events -- my Mammaw's funeral. I was in the bathroom when everyone left in the funeral procession and then I couldn't remember how to get to the cemetery which was a ways off -- I got there just when it was over. One year, drove 8 hours from Louisiana to Georgia for a friend's wedding and made a wrong turn then had to backtrack -- wound up completely missing the wedding.

Looks like you still got to enjoy the beach. Even getting my boys who are almost 13 and 16 to hold still for photos is no easy task.

Your tag is so sweet. Have a great weekend. Tammy

Lynn Stevens said...

I'm so sorry you missed the wedding, but the pictures on the beach look like it was a wonderful day.
hugs Lynn