Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sisters and Garage Sales

Hello dear friends! Have you noticed I've been gone? My sister is here visiting and we been busy going to garage sales and well, just running around! :) On the way home from picking her up from Bend we stopped at a few garage sales and visited the town of Sisters, Oregon. Have you ever been there? It's such a cute little western town. I took some pics of my garage sale finds and then a few places in Sisters too. The photo above and a couple below are of a plastic tub full of metal numbers and letters I found at one of the sales. And yes, I got a deal on them!

 I bought this top for my daughter. I wanted to take a picture of her wearing it but she wouldn't let me. ;P
 Pretty wild skirt, isn't it? I wanted it because it has the word Paris on it. Is that a good reason?
 I thought these pillow shams were so pretty.
I found this large picture and it was brand new. The lady sold it to me for $5! It is pink and shades of purple...I don't know if you can tell, but it goes perfectly in my guest bedroom.

A little coin purse...perfect for bird nests.
This t-towel will go on a nightstand in the guest bedroom. I love the french knots! Double click to appreciate it even more.

I found some dominoes! I know, I have enough, but gosh, the price was right.
              See what I mean?
 I took this while riding in the car. We were almost to the town of Sisters.
 Every building in this town is western themed. And you can really see the pride that they have in their town.
 They were getting ready for a quilt show the next day. That's one reason were picked up my sister a day early. It is a mad house here during the show. This town only has 1700 people living in it. And when the quilt show is here, they have over 10,000 visitors in one day! And this little town is busting at the seams!
 The shops were great. I asked if I could take pics of the inside of the stores and they said no. :( Whatever.
 I was really coveting these posts.
 I thought this bench was so cute. See the horseshoes?
 Sorry about the cars. People were starting to arrive for the show. And it was getting busy.
 I love the buggy up on the roof of one of the stores.

A light switch I found at a garage sale. I thought it would be cute for a western themed something or other to make. All my pictures are out of sequence. Blogger decided to change things on me and now I've got to try and figure out what in the heck they are doing.

Thank you for stopping by and for your comments too! I've missed all of you. I hope you are staying cool. We have had very mild weather compared to a lot of you. I am praying for you, my friends. For your health and for the farmers and ranchers too.

Love and blessings,



Vicki said...

Hey there! Enjoy having your sister in town. This looks like a fun little side trip. Thanks for sharing the pics. Too bad they would not let you photograph in the store :(

scrappinabby said...

Hi Sonya...glad to hear you had a great visit with your sister. I have to tell you I am sooo jealous over those metal letters you found. My head is already bubbling over with some scrappy ideas for those : )
My oldest sister lives in Sisters and I love going there to visit her. The antique stores there are amazing. I have some treasures in my house from many shopping trips there. Weird they wouldn't let you take pictures...would have been some free publicity for them...their loss I say : )
The hubby & I went to the yearly city wide sale in Brownsville on was amazing. I found my shabby vintage hutch for my scrapbook room...check out my blog for some pics if you want to see it.
Glad to see you back in the blog world : )

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
welcome back! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Oh, those metal letters are to die for!
Have a wonderful weekend.

T's Daily Treasures said...

What a great first outing with your sister and surely there will be lots more to come. You found some absolutely fabulous things and are always thinking creatively. have a great visit. Blessings, Tammy

Kasia said...

Ohhh the amount of goodies on here is awesome! Im drooling! LOL and what wonderful views! I can tell youre having fun! And Im so happy that youre having a blast with your sis! :)


Susan said...

Oh I just love that darling little top for your daughter! It is so cute!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Sonya,
So nice to meet you and thank you for your following. I am now one here too. I love your blog and sounds like you had a great time with your sister. Love your pics, it is my kind of place to hunt for treasures. Great finds you found at the garage sales. Love those letters.
Have fun and happy creating.
Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

Julie Harward said...

I did miss fun to go off and do all that..looks like so much fun and you got so many nice things too! :D

BeautifulDees said...

What a loot...too much fun. I love your darling blog.

Barbara Jean said...

Hey girl. Of course I've been to Sisters! =)

Were there lots of g. sales during quilt show? I never have made it over for that event.

Great find on your bin of letters and numbers!!!
Love the top you bo7ught for your daughter. I used to be able to wear clothes like that. =/

hugs and blessings

PS any news on your house?

Dorthe said...

Dear Sonya- you have had fun with your sister --and OH such great buyes-I surely love the metal numbers, and the top, -the fantastic skirt, and the pink piece for your bedroom. My own daughter and her family, just left us yesterday,- so I have some blogging to follow up on :)

Miss Sandy said...

Hey sweet friend,

So good to hear that you are having a great visit with your sister at Sisters! I love that bucket of numbers and letters, what a score! I know you will make some really great art with your finds. Have a wonderful visit!

Lovey said...

Wow Sonya...what an awesome gown to visit...great pictures too. Loved your commentary. The "whatever" comment made me indoor pocs huh? Guess that's a small town for yah...So wonderful to be with your sister. A blessing indeed...

Lovey said...

Oops meant pics not pocs...smiles...typing on my phone...

Lovey said...

Geez did I say awesome gown to visit? Please don't visit a is much better...darn my fat fingers on this phone.