Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Day at the Beach and Garage Sales

 Hello again, my dear friends!  Last Saturday my hubby and I wanted to take my sister, Roseann to the coast before she had to head home. The weather was just perfect.
 While I was taking pics I noticed cameras on stands by the shoreline. What were they doing? Double click and you can see better. I think they were kickboxing!

                                                       This is the bridge in Newport.
 We had to stop at the Pirate's Plunder Mall. That place is FULL of goodies.
 This wasn't for sale. But I thought it was spectacular! One giant piece of wood with carved horses all over it!
 Here's a closer look of the horses.  Quite an artist!
 This sexy guy was hanging from a beam above us! :)
 Behind Pirate's Plunder was this street with all kinds of shops. Pretty colorful aren't they?
 Roseann and I had to pose with Wally the Walrus.
 Roseann found herself a boyfriend while we were there! heehee!
 I always wanted to be a mermaid!  I wish I had a shape like this! Well, minus the tail! And Roseann's a diver (even though she doesn't know how to swim!).
 Roseann and my hubby, Mel posing now. Aren't they funny?
                                              Mel wanted to be the mermaid! lol.
 This photo is funny! Look where the pirate's elbow is!! I never noticed while taking the pic.
                                                I found this locket at an estate sale.
 These pieces will be perfect for some collages. They're really a pretty peach color.

 I love the these bird earrings.
 I love this rosary necklace with glass beads.  I'll use the bead necklace part for a soldered piece.
 Closer look of the locket. I took these pics at 8:30 at night, I should have waited.
 I got all this lacey goodness from a garage sale for 75 cents! Whoo hoo!
 Isn't she cute? I'll use her for a collage.
 This will be cute for a Christmas project. And it still lights.
                                                             Some pretty trim.
A close-up view of the trim. I love the blue and pink one especially.

I sure hope you are all enjoying your summer! I'm hoping to get back in my craft room. Did I tell you we are trying to sell our home too?

We had to take my sister back to her house Sunday and I was sad to see her go. I only get to see her a couple times a year, and when we get together the time goes so quickly!

I am hoping to be opening a little shop online soon. Just need to work out the kinks. I would love your feedback about what you think would be good to sell in the shop!

Have a wonderful week, dear ones!

God bless,


Julie Harward said...

That all looks like so much fun! Nothing like being with a sister and being totally silly! ;D

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Sonya,
what a wonderful ,and fun time you had with your sister- like being kids again :)
And such great stuff you bought- I love all the jewlery--happy creating with it all, and good luck with your shop, Sonya.

Libertybelle said...

What great goodies you managed to find.
You look like you had a really good time with your sister- it's so good to spend time with siblings- I'm having a weekend with my sister this weekend!
Good luck with the shop- I'm sure everything you sell will be lovely!

Kasia said...

What an adventure!!! :D You guys are so cute in these pics! You look great girlfriend, and its nice to meet your lovely sister! I absolutely love your finds! Everything is lovely and so vintagey!!! the necklace, pearls, birdies and lace! Oh dear, stunning! The pearl necklace and earrings especially! I can see your collages now! :D I cant wait!
And what to put in the shop? EVERYTHING!!!! >:D How could you even ask!? Its all awesome!!!


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, Sonya, what cute pictures!! And I totally LOVE your finds at the estate sale--WOW!!! So exquisite--and that little doll is so precious.


Lynn Stevens said...

Sonya, Looks like you had a Fantastic time in Newport, been years since I've been over there. The weather looked perfect> had to laugh at the photo of your hubby teeheehee and you look so cute as a mermaid. Great finds at the Estate sales too.
Looks like your having a wonderful summer,
Hugs Lynn

Barbara Jean said...

fun finds, fun day with family
blessings friend

barbara jean

carole brungar said...

Wow, loved sharing your trip, the photos of places were amazing, we have nothing like that here in NZ!
Enjoyed visiting your blog too!

Miss Sandy said...

It looks like you did have a great visit! What fun goodies you found too, love that peach pearl necklace.

Fabric Art said...

Wow Sonya you have done some great finds too, the bird earrings are so sweet and lovely.
Hugs Anni

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Sonya,
If you get a chance, come take a look at my blog--my one-year diet saga! lol xo Cindy

Lovey said...

Hi Sonya!! Looks like a wonderful time and great finds!!!

Homes in Ajax said...

Everything is so beautiful and so vintage. The necklace, pearls, birdies and lace are really stunning. The pearl necklace and earrings are likes too much.

Promosyon said...

I am new to your site and still have to catch up on all of your blogs. Since I started reading the other week what you are doing is fantastic.