Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BBQ and Fireworks!

Hello my dear friends! For those of you in America, how was your 4th? Any fireworks? My hubby and I spent the evening at our church. We had an awesome bbq and then we got to watch the fireworks across the street from us at Cheadle Lake.

I would have taken pictures of the delicious food but by the time I got in line the food was disappearing! That's what I get for taking pics instead of getting in line!

Some of our chefs from our church. Thanks guys, it was yummy! Really, the chicken was fabulous!

Some more of our chefs! Can you see them through the smoke?

Two sweet girls at our church. Elati-Fa just got married. Congratulations!

Get in line!

This is our Pastor Tom! He LOVES to eat! :) Don't we all?

I think Trish is saying, "Where's mine?" And hubby is smiling like, "You're not getting any of this, honey!" :)

This is where the people of our church get baptized. My hubby did last year!

This is Allen and Janna Von Ruden. They are wonderful people! Love them!

This sweety is Diana Barrett McCurdy! Hi Diana! I told you I was putting this pic on my blog! ;)

This Sherry Sanderbrink, my friend and she's also the pastor's wife. And her daughter, Candy was being shy.

This is part of the children's awesome playground. They just have a blast playing here.

No this isn't the church! This is a castle for the kids! Isn't it fantastic?

You can tell the kids love it. Oh to be a kid again...

I took 150 photos. Don't worry I'm not showing them all!

It looks like it raining fire.

Looks like a flower.

It kind of looks like the tree caught on fire. But it didn't.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the fireworks display! I love our church potlucks, it always feels like a family reunion. And the fireworks were an added bonus. I hope your 4th celebration was fun too.Thanks for visiting and for your comments, dear friends.

I am so thankful that God blessed us with a free country. I pray that we always remember that. What did you do this weekend? Something fun, I hope.

Blessings and love,



Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Looks wonderful! Good people enjoying good food an fireworks ?! What could possibly be better? Love the photos - feels like i was there..except..I'm still hungry!!

Kasia said...

That must have been a wonderful day! :D I'd like to see Mel in that bathtub! LOL I had the scene from "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding" in front of my eyes when he gets baptized! LOL!!!
You guys really have it fun over there!
That kid castle is awesome! I love how its just wooden, Deacon must have a ball climbing that!
Many hugs to you!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Seems like you all had a wonderful time!
Thanks for sharing,Sonya.

Lynn Stevens said...

Thanks for sharing your special day with us. Great pics.We had a wonderful 4th too, friends, food and fitreworks, dosen't get much better than that.
Thanks for entering my giveaway Sonya and best of luck!
hugs Lynn

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, Sonya,
What fantastic pics! And thanks for sharing your wonderful celebration with us! And I love where the people get baptized...I immediately thought, "It's galvanized--and so chic!" It was so neat to see the fireworks!!!

Miss Sandy said...

Hi Sonya!!!

I have missed you so! What a wonderful day you had. There is nothing like spending time with brothers and sisters in Christ. We spent the weekend at the farm, no fancy food, no fireworks, just relaxation and rest, we needed it after the wedding! I hope the remainder of you week is wonderful.