Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Day at the Beach and Garage Sales

 Hello again, my dear friends!  Last Saturday my hubby and I wanted to take my sister, Roseann to the coast before she had to head home. The weather was just perfect.
 While I was taking pics I noticed cameras on stands by the shoreline. What were they doing? Double click and you can see better. I think they were kickboxing!

                                                       This is the bridge in Newport.
 We had to stop at the Pirate's Plunder Mall. That place is FULL of goodies.
 This wasn't for sale. But I thought it was spectacular! One giant piece of wood with carved horses all over it!
 Here's a closer look of the horses.  Quite an artist!
 This sexy guy was hanging from a beam above us! :)
 Behind Pirate's Plunder was this street with all kinds of shops. Pretty colorful aren't they?
 Roseann and I had to pose with Wally the Walrus.
 Roseann found herself a boyfriend while we were there! heehee!
 I always wanted to be a mermaid!  I wish I had a shape like this! Well, minus the tail! And Roseann's a diver (even though she doesn't know how to swim!).
 Roseann and my hubby, Mel posing now. Aren't they funny?
                                              Mel wanted to be the mermaid! lol.
 This photo is funny! Look where the pirate's elbow is!! I never noticed while taking the pic.
                                                I found this locket at an estate sale.
 These pieces will be perfect for some collages. They're really a pretty peach color.

 I love the these bird earrings.
 I love this rosary necklace with glass beads.  I'll use the bead necklace part for a soldered piece.
 Closer look of the locket. I took these pics at 8:30 at night, I should have waited.
 I got all this lacey goodness from a garage sale for 75 cents! Whoo hoo!
 Isn't she cute? I'll use her for a collage.
 This will be cute for a Christmas project. And it still lights.
                                                             Some pretty trim.
A close-up view of the trim. I love the blue and pink one especially.

I sure hope you are all enjoying your summer! I'm hoping to get back in my craft room. Did I tell you we are trying to sell our home too?

We had to take my sister back to her house Sunday and I was sad to see her go. I only get to see her a couple times a year, and when we get together the time goes so quickly!

I am hoping to be opening a little shop online soon. Just need to work out the kinks. I would love your feedback about what you think would be good to sell in the shop!

Have a wonderful week, dear ones!

God bless,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sisters and Garage Sales

Hello dear friends! Have you noticed I've been gone? My sister is here visiting and we been busy going to garage sales and well, just running around! :) On the way home from picking her up from Bend we stopped at a few garage sales and visited the town of Sisters, Oregon. Have you ever been there? It's such a cute little western town. I took some pics of my garage sale finds and then a few places in Sisters too. The photo above and a couple below are of a plastic tub full of metal numbers and letters I found at one of the sales. And yes, I got a deal on them!

 I bought this top for my daughter. I wanted to take a picture of her wearing it but she wouldn't let me. ;P
 Pretty wild skirt, isn't it? I wanted it because it has the word Paris on it. Is that a good reason?
 I thought these pillow shams were so pretty.
I found this large picture and it was brand new. The lady sold it to me for $5! It is pink and shades of purple...I don't know if you can tell, but it goes perfectly in my guest bedroom.

A little coin purse...perfect for bird nests.
This t-towel will go on a nightstand in the guest bedroom. I love the french knots! Double click to appreciate it even more.

I found some dominoes! I know, I have enough, but gosh, the price was right.
              See what I mean?
 I took this while riding in the car. We were almost to the town of Sisters.
 Every building in this town is western themed. And you can really see the pride that they have in their town.
 They were getting ready for a quilt show the next day. That's one reason were picked up my sister a day early. It is a mad house here during the show. This town only has 1700 people living in it. And when the quilt show is here, they have over 10,000 visitors in one day! And this little town is busting at the seams!
 The shops were great. I asked if I could take pics of the inside of the stores and they said no. :( Whatever.
 I was really coveting these posts.
 I thought this bench was so cute. See the horseshoes?
 Sorry about the cars. People were starting to arrive for the show. And it was getting busy.
 I love the buggy up on the roof of one of the stores.

A light switch I found at a garage sale. I thought it would be cute for a western themed something or other to make. All my pictures are out of sequence. Blogger decided to change things on me and now I've got to try and figure out what in the heck they are doing.

Thank you for stopping by and for your comments too! I've missed all of you. I hope you are staying cool. We have had very mild weather compared to a lot of you. I am praying for you, my friends. For your health and for the farmers and ranchers too.

Love and blessings,


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beautiful Gifts From a Friend~

Hello my dear friends! I want to share what I received in the mail yesterday! My sweet friend, Katherine at Chatelet, wrote me and told me she was sending me some awesome smelling soap that she gets from Scotland. Well...I should have known from previous experience that that wouldn't be the only thing she would send me!

She MADE this for me! It is SO beautiful! Double click so you can get a better view of it. The photo does not do it justice! I love it, Katherine!

Here is the pattern up close. I love the creamy white and silvery gray that is in it.

I have NEVER smelled soap that smells as good as this soap! I shut my eyes and smell it and it smells exactly like lilies!

Katherine had one of these sweet tweets in her last giveaway! She knew I loved it, so she sent me one! Adorable! Deacon LOVES it too!! :) It is so cute.

This was inside the package too. She said this is part of a song from one of her favorite Polish Bands translated into English. Just beautiful.

This stunning cross necklace was wrapped inside of the paper.

Can she make beautiful collages or what? Look at the detail of this piece!!

Please double click on the photos to get a better look.

This is what the sides looked like clear around the collage. Bead work clear around.

This is the back of the collage. This fabric is beautiful.

This is the back of the collage on the right hand side.


Are you swooning?

Aren't the details amazing?

See what I mean?

Always love the pearls and bling! :)

More bling! Gorgeous butterfly!

And of course CHOCOLATE! I love my chocolate, how 'bout you? This chocolate is to die for, have you ever tried it? Well, I have and it is heavenly!

Thank you so much to my wonderful generous and sweet friend, Katherine. She has amazing talent and a very giving heart! I will cherish these gifts, dear girl!

Please go visit her and tell her how incredible her talent is!

This next couple weeks are going to be busy, busy! Thank you so much for stopping by and for all you wonderful comments. I hope everyone is having a great summer.

Blessings and love,