Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yes...That's Right...More Dominoes!

Hello my friends! I've been so busy lately it seems I haven't had time to make anything creative let alone post! My husband and I have been battling sinus infections and bronchitis for the past three weeks. My husband wasn't getting better so I took him back to the doctor yesterday and he has pneumonia! So he's on stronger meds and if he isn't better in two days-then he goes to the hospital! So prayers are needed my friends. :) On top of that we had a garage sale this last weekend. Phew! I love GOING to garage sales but I don't like having them. Except for the fact that we met a lot of our neighbors that we hadn't met before. And they are ALL very nice! But...unfortunately now that we are getting to know them we are going to be moving. :( Well, as soon as we sell our house.

Plus! I'm going to be in the Vintage Marketplace show! Do you know Barb @ Treasures From The Heart? That's the name of her store too! And she's putting on the show and she asked me if I wanted to be in it! She is sweet and I know it's going to be a lot of fun! :) So if you live in Oregon...the show is next Saturday the 25th, the address: 90034 Prairie Rd. Eugene, just 1/2 mile north of Beltline. I hope I see you there! :)

I made a couple of necklaces and the rest are magnets.
The domino on the left I glued a watch face on top of the image and placed a little rhinestone in the center of it. It looks better in real life. Then I cut out the number 2 and glued it on the domino and then cut off the pokey part of a Tim Holtz memo pin and used the round part and placed that around the number two. Then I added the word live to the bottom of the domino. Time 2 live. :) The domino on the right is a very muted image of two cute birds so I made a nest out of wire and egg-shaped pearls and hung it from the bottom of the domino! :) I took these photos at 6 this morning...I know I should have waited, huh? Double click on photos.

This domino I edged with Adirondack alcohol ink in Cranberry and then 3D paint called scribbles in glitteing crystal. It was something different to try.

This domino I outlined the garland with the glittering crystals and then sprinkled a little german glitter. It looks better in real life. :)

I like the image of this moon...I added the word dream and the little rhinestone.

She looks like she might be dreaming too..

I just added a pink rhinestone at the top of the crown. Simple, but I like it.

I like these muted images too. I just left them the way they were...sometimes simple is enough.

Well, that's it! Which one is your favorite? I like them all. :)

I hope you are enjoying your summer. My summer promises to be busy. And I thank you for taking the time to stop by in your busyness. And especially when you leave your comments!

What are you working on? Are you taking a trip? Did you go on a trip? I would love to hear about it.

Have a wonderful rest of the week! And I'm praying that YOU are healthy!




Julie Harward said...

Sorry you have been sick and the hubbie too..hope good health returns to you both. Your art work here is awesome! Every piece is just them! :D

Robin said...

Healing thoughts and prayers go out to you and your hubby Sonya. Hoping you both feel better very soon. Your dominoes are all wonderful, I really love the "Time to Live" domino. Have a wonderful day.


Lululiz said...

Oh dear, Sonya, I am sorry to hear that you and your husband are unwell. I hope your husband is going to improve without having to go into hospital!
You lucky girl, you are going to meet Barb, and be in a show with her, she sounds like such a sweetie in her posts and comments and emails, you'll have a ball.
Your dominoes, my goodness, girl, they are fantastic! How many have you made by now??? And every single one of them is so pretty.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Sonya, sorry to hear that you two have been sick. Sure hope the meds work on your husband. Your domino necklaces and magnets are absolutely gorgeous. I love them all too. This is my second pajama day, 2nd day of summer vacation. A whole lot of nothing going on. :) Blogging, crocheting, cooking and baking. All the things I love. Sending well wishes your way, Tammy

T's Daily Treasures said...

P.S. Good luck at the sale and have fun with Barbara Jean. Tell her I said hey! :)

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Your dominoes are so pretty Sonya. Love the necklaces. How excited with the Vintage Markedplace shop. Wishing you lots of sales. I´m sure it´ll be lots of fun.

So sorry to hear you have been ill and I hope you husbond will be better soon. Sending prayers.
Have a lovely day
xo Tina

Fabric Art said...
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Fabric Art said...

Oh Sonya more wonderful dominos, I especially like the one with the watch face, hope you will have fun and a lot of sale on the Vintage Markedplace, best wishes to your husband and you hope that everything must get better soon.
Hugs Anni

ScrappinAbby said...

Hi Sonya,
I am sorry to hear you and your hubby are still battling sickness : (
I have to say that is was SO nice meeting you last Saturday. I am bummed that we didn't meet a year ago when you moved into the neighborhoood...I would have loved to connect with a fellow crafter : )
I love your domoni projects you have in your post. I will say my fave is the one with "live" dangling from it. I love the style and it is so scrappy looking to me...I use the same styling for some of my scrapbook projects and I love the Tim Holtz line.
I will keep you and your hubby in my prayers and I hope that you both start healing and feeling better soon.
See you in neighborhood : )

ScrappinAbby said...

Oops just noticed I spelled domino wrong (blush) I hit enter before I spell checked myself : )

Lynn Stevens said...

Sonya,first off so sorry to hear you both have been so sick, Prayers to your hubby, no fun spending any time in the hospital.
Now your having just way to much fun with these dominoes. how could I possibly pick a favorite. Bet you have a sell out at the show.
Take care both of you!
hugs Lynn

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
sending well wishes and prayers to the two of you. Your dominos are awesome - love them all!Good luck with the show and say hi to Barb!Have a wonderful weekend.

Kelly_Deal said...

Oh Sonya, hugs coming your way!

Your dominos are gorgeous! I love the one with the bird on the chair!

Kasia said...

Oh HOW can you ask us to choose between all these goodies?! Thats impossible!!!! I cant find a favorite, I love them all!!! Really, how do you do it? Everytime they get more beautiful and creative! :D
Lots of health and smiled dear ones!


Dorthe said...

Dear Sonya,- I`m so sad to read you and your husbond have both suffered from sinus infections- and I so hope your husbond will feel better with the stronger medicine, so he does not have to go to hospital, dear.
--And your dominoes are getting more and more beautiful, -I so love the "Live" one -with watch- so very gorgeus.But they are all fantastic.
Wish you both a week-end ,-more healthy and feeling better, and prayes for a quick recovery.
Warm thoughts-Dorthe

Barbara Jean said...

hey girl.
lovin' those4 dominoes.

Hope you are better today.

Thanks for plugging the Vintage Marketplace!!

See you Saturday.

hugs, blessings, and prayers,
Barbara jean

Maria Luisa Artesanatos said...

The dominos are gorgeous and I loved all. You're a sweet person. Lots of health!!