Friday, June 17, 2011

Rustic Frills' Finds

Hello my friends! I thought I would share with you what I found at the Rustic Frills Barn sale yesterday. This is the first time I've ever gone. It was only about 5 miles from my house. My neighbor, Abby, told me about it the other day when she came to my garage sale! Thanks, Abby! :)

There were people lined up waiting at the gate when I arrived 5 minutes before opening. The barn was up on a hill...but I didn't care about the climb! I forgot my camera! Can you believe that? The barn had partial walls or half walls in each room. Each section was filled with wonderful goodies. I wanted it all! But I shared. I was mostly after crafting items. Oh, and I wanted this barn door that they had for sale. I went back to grab the tag off of it and it was gone!! Aaahh! That's what I get! Anyway, I did bring home some things.

This wash board will go perfectly in my craft room. I love the chicken wire on it.

I love these metal drawers! Rusty goodness! :) They had more...but gosh, I'm not a pig!

This rusty muffin tin will go nicely in my craft room to hold more goodies! Don't worry, I WILL fill each and every one.

These wonderful zinc lids will work nicely for more Christmas ornaments that I want to make. I posted about the ones I made months ago, if you're interested in seeing them.

I loved the rich color of this book and the title "Evening Thoughts".

You can double click on the photos and get a better view. Isn't it fab?

A photo of the author.
Look at the year of the book!! The book is in very good condition considering.

One of the images. Behold, I stand at the door and knock...

Another image...

I love using these frogs as placecard holders. I have more. My oldest son found them in the cupboard one day and asked me, " Who would comb their hair with one of these?" Haha! Yeah. Who would? ;)

A cute little rusty tart tin that I will use for something! :)

This cute little silver fork will be used as a placecard holder too. I will show you how it turns out. They had other forks there too but they were too big. I'll find more somewhere else.

I love the designs on the silverware.

Well, that's it my friends. I will show you tomorrow what I made today! No, not dominoes this time. Another collage.

I want to thank you for all the get well wishes and prayers that you have sent my way. They mean a great deal to me.

What are your plans this Father's Day weekend? Whatever it is-have fun!

Love and hugs,



Angela said...

Wow! you are so lucky to find all those amazing items.
I love the rusty drawers, I could use some and stack them with materials.
What did your son say when you told them that they are 'frogs'?

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
oh, more wonderful treasures!!!Love the flower frogs and the drawers.Can't wait to see the transformation of the fork:)
Have a great Saturday.

Barbara Jean said...

oooh. Great finds girl!!
LOVE those tin drawers with the dividers, and the washboard, how clever, and beautiful book.

I have small, wonderful forks if you want more. Remind me at the sale.


Julie Harward said...

Looks like a fun place to go, love the book and all your neat finds! :D

Tina Eudora said...

Wow what great finds Sonya! I love the drawers, a little obsession of mine! Have fun with all the vintage treasures!
Tina xo

Lululiz said...

Great finds, Sonya, it was well worth going. I love the illustrations in the book you bought, they are really beautiful.

ScrappinAbby said...

Hi Sonya...I LOVE all the treasures that you found. My friend & I arrived much later than we had anticipated so I was bummed that I had missed out on being there when Rustic Frills opened. I have to say that I am a "pig" as I bought six of the metal I am going to use them in my scrapbook room to hold some embelishments. I will be posting pics of all the treasures I found on my blog later today. It was great to see you there..sorry I didn't chat with you more..I was just in awe of all the amazing items that were there. Talk to you soon : )

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, Just thought I would let you all know that the Rustic Frills Sale is tomorrow 7.12.12 at 4pm. Same Location in Sodaville Oregon.