Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Shopping To Do!

Hello again my friends! Does this stuff look familiar? I thought I would show you more goodies.

One vendor was selling nothing but dolls and boy, did she have some beautiful ones. She also repairs them.

I wanted theses to doll cases so bad! Someone bought them! :(

I'll take one of each please....

I have a soft spot for Nancy Ann dolls.

I love her sweet face!

I was going to buy this highchair for one of my dolls and I forgot it! :( Do you hear that, Barb? This has my name on it.

Barb doesn't just have wonderful treasures you can buy, she also serves tea and yummy desserts.

Do you want this garden gate? SO DO I!

Some wonderful hardware in an awesome metal box.

I love these old scales.

Love the window and the wooden box and the chalk board and the...

Isn't this cute how she altered this washboard? Double click on photos and you can get a better look.

I love this shelf!

All kinds of goodies.

I'll take everything on this shelf! Well, wouldn't you? :)

Oh and everything on this shelf too.

I don't know what her name is but I wanted her to come home with me too.

How sweet are these?

I love this frame and photo.

And oh my goodness...I want these boots! No not to wear. I would have to cut my toes off to get my feet into these. Hear that, Barb? These have my name on them too. (I'm serious)

Are there any collectors of old cameras out there? Well, Barb has a few!

Remember those days of watching films on these? Those were the good ol' days.

I love old sewing drawers. I have some in my craftroom-perfect for ribbon. And look at the cool metal hardware.

I went back to get this little birdie and he was gone! :( He is so cute!!

No, these aren't my forks. But they're cute.

Thanks for shopping along with me again. I think I have one more post about this wonderful place so make sure you come back. Tell me what your favorites are. Did you covet everything like I did? ;) Well, at least we can say this kind of shopping doesn't cost us anything, right?

I'm also taking a class at Artful Gathering too. I will share about that later.

I hope you are having a great week. What are you working on? Are you going on vacation? I love your comments!

Blessings and hugs,



donna!ee said...

WOW, this is definitely my kind of shopping! thank you much for sharing ... :)

Dorthe said...

Hi sweet, Sonya- more wonderful pieces for sale, and it seems many of those gorgeus things, fastly were sold- I hope you also had a great sale, dear.

Junk Fairy said...

Sonya,I'm drooling over all the pictures & goodies! Thanks, for taking us along! I loved all the dolls too.

Kasia said...

I dont even know where to start on this! Id have gone crazy! :D ALL these are absolutely gorgeous! Truth is, if I wanted to get everything I wanted I'd need a new... no, make that TWO houses to just keep everything in!!! I'd be swooning left and right! Thanks so much for letting us tag along! And of course, your stuff is stunning firstofall! I absolutely LOVE everything! :)

Hugs to ya,

Lululiz said...

Ah, that was a lovely shopping trip!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
love how you had set up your stand and displayed your goodies!! Thank you for taking
us along - I enjoyed it very much:) The boots are to die for.

Lynn Stevens said...

WOW, I'll take one of everyhting please, Great pieces. Your display looks wonderful
Hugs Lynn