Sunday, June 12, 2011

Katherine is having a giveaway!

If you've visited my blog before, then you've heard me talk about Katherine @Chatelet. She is having a "Vacation Giveaway"! Go visit her if you want a chance to win! You won't be disappointed! I know! Not only do you need to sign up for a giveaway but get to know her! You will love her! Become a follower too!

These are the wonderful goodies you can win! A burlap bag with an image of a hippo on the front. Isn't he just the cutest? Who doesn't love burlap? A leather bound picture album with embroidered palm trees with the word "Vacation" on it. A beautiful picture frame made out of bone, a candle in a wooden bowl, and an adorable ceramic warbler whistle.

Sounds pretty wonderful, doesn't it? Well...what are you waiting for? Get over there and leave a comment and don't forget to become a follower too!

Thanks for stopping by dear friends. I hope your weekend was fun and sunny!




Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Sonya Sweetie...
Just had to pop by and say hello this evening. Love this post. That hippo and the whistle are the sweetest. Love it. Will pop over and say hello. Thank you for sharing sweet friend.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Lynn Stevens said...

How sweet of you to post about her giveaway and a lovely one at that. I'll be sure and pop on by too.
hugs Lynn

Lululiz said...

Oooh, the whistle reminds me of my childhood, we had little bird whistles you filled with water and they would warble away merrily. They were plastic though, not as posh as this one.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Sonya, hope your garage sale was successful. Have a great week. Tammy

Kasia said...

Oh dear Sonya! You should be getting stuff everyday, you're so sweet! And thanks to all the lovely ladies for the sweets words too! Hope you had a great day!!! Many hugs to the sweetest friend!

The Tame Lion said...

Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!
Sonya... we all are here to support you.

Jane said...

Thanks for the heads up about the giveaway! Looks like you have won a few lately yourself!!
Love all of your domino and scrabble tile magnets, you used some wonderful images.