Monday, June 27, 2011

Come Shopping With Me!

Hi friends! So glad you could join me! Do you recognize the lady in the above photo? Yep. It's Barb from Treasures From the Heart. She was just buzzing around the place trying to make sure everything was just so before we let people in.

I love this rusted drawer thing that Barb has in her store! And all the bling too.

I sn't this a great old mailbox?

I love this little purse and the little dress is pretty cute too.

More precious little dresses.

Yes. I want this screen door! I LOVE the chicken wire on it!

I love when people use the old wire baskets as shelves. Double click on any photos if you want to really look at something.

Love this old typewriter.

I'm sure Barb made this tussie mussie with the cute little bird's nest in it


This photo is sideways. Sorry. These clock faces and limoge cards were under a cloche. That's what the cards are called right? I just started doubting myself.

I love all of this!

Here are those gorgeous flower pins that Barb makes. Love them.

Cute Hens and Chicks in this cup.

Cute "abc" cup.

I love anything embroidered.

Oh....I love this chair. It sold :

I love these cute pink pillows.

I couldn't remember all of the vendors names but I remember the one that had this section as she was right next to me. Between customers we talked all day. Her name is Rae-Marie. Hi Rae-Marie! She sold TONS of stuff.

This bird cage was a STEAL! Katherine do you think your babies would like this cage? IT. IS. HUGE! And it was bought right away. It's two pieces.

Well, that's all for now, my shopping friends! I will be back with more!

I'm so glad you visited and for the sweet comments, my friends.

Love to all,



Betsy said...

Love all of it! If I lived closer I would have shopped all day. Looks like it was a huge success.

sissie said...

What wonderful things for sale. Sure wish I could have been there too.


Susan said...

Sonya, its a good thing for my pocketbook that I didn't live close enough to shop here! I could have done some major damage to my finances! Nice stuff!

Vicki said...

This looks so fun! I love seeing Barb and can totally pick out her work in those pics. My favorite pick Sonya is the one with the compass, the photo and the pocket watches...gorgeous!

Vintage Gal said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ALL of it~! wonderful treasures. Thanks for taking us with you ;-)

Candy C said...

Oh my gosh, Sonya! What a cool shopping excursion! Wish I REALLY could have been there in person! Beautiful items! <3 Candy

Karen Valentine said...

It looks like a fabulous show!! I wish we had great shows like that here. It isn't amazing how many incredibly talented women there out there?? Guess what? You are one of them!! Have an awesome week my friend. :)

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh...great items! Love the contrast of the old drawers withthe bling!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i would have loved to come and look around. i just love the clock faces and the old typewriter!

T's Daily Treasures said...

It looks like you loved just about everything Sonya! :) Definitely was a perfect day for the sale. I can see I would have found lots of lovely things to buy. Have a terrific Tuesday. Tammy

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Everything looks so great Sonya. Lots of wonderful stuff.Thanks for sharing.
xo Tina

Kasia said...

What a load of goodies! Im not surprised your tired! Look at all that eye candy! :D And I dont care if my babies would have loved the cage... I LOVE it! WOW! :D But they need stainless steel.. my two huge ones plus this, nope I would have no room for me... but its worth it!o.o! LOL
Great post, and sweet stuff! Thanks so much dear Sonya, for sharing all this!


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

WOW!I would have loved to shop there too:)
Thank you so much for sharing,Sonya!
Have a great week.

Fabric Art said...

Wow some great things you are showing, I wish I could shop together with you, I thing that I would buy it all.
Hugs Anni

Dorthe said...

Sonya, what a fantastic collection of wonderful things for sale-- OH you ladies are just so lucky ,to be able -firstly to collect and the rest to buy --no places like that here in my country--I would have sighed for every square feet, here.
Thanks for showing all this goodies, dear.

Lululiz said...

Oooh, I could have shopped there all day long!