Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bookmarks and Baby!

Hello sweet friends! I thought I would share some bookmarks that I made last night. There's a few people that still use these right? Not everyone uses E-books. Right? The images of the girls are from Paper Whimsy. I think the bird is from Graphics Fairy. When I'm reading sometimes I imagine that I'm traveling to the place in the book. That's the reason behind the first image of the little girl with her bag and then the Tim Holtz metal piece that says "imagine.

I used the image of the bird...because I love birds! :) And the word "dream" because that's what I do when I'm reading a great book!

I thought this one was perfect for your Bible. I love this image of this lady.

This isn't a very good photo of my Baby girl. She lays in this window in the breakfast nook, watching the birds eat. And sometimes it just exhausts her! :) I was trying to hurry before I woke her and I didn't make sure my camera strap was out of the way.

She's telling me to leave her alone. My hubby is in the background working in the yard.

What are you doing for the 4th? Going anywhere? We're not. We put our house up for sale so we have been doing spring cleaning.

Whatever you do this weekend, my friends, stay safe and Happy 4th of July!

Thanks for stopping by and for all your sweet comments!



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Look What I Won!

Hello my friends! I just had to share something that I won on a blog giveaway! I was so excited and surprised! Have you ever heard of Forget me not Dreams? Well, if you haven't, you need to go visit these two sweet ladies! Their names are Eileen and Karen! They have a blog that's called by the same name and they sell wonderful things! If you like vintage, cottage, shabby, chippy, rusty, lacey and pink roses too, then you will love visiting Forget me not Dreams. They are also part of Make Mine Pink, an online business consortium for women that provides networking and support to new and growing businesses. Eileen and Karen are also vendors at the famous Farm Chicks show up in Spokane, Washington every year.

They sent me a packet of Forget-Me-Not seeds too! :)

Well, their giveaway was a Country Living, "The Farm Chicks Christmas" book by Serena Thompson! She is the owner of the Farm Chick show. And this book is signed by her!

At the back of the book there are Farm Chick notecards that have a place on the back for recipes. And there's 2 pages of sticker labels. So cute!

So go visit Forget me not Dreams and tell them I said hi! And visit Serena too at her blog-Serena's Web Journal or The Farm Chicks website. You will love it.

Thank you again Eileen and Karen. I am really enjoying this book!

You can purchase this book at Serena's blog too! You will love it.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me show off my prize! Hope to hear from you soon!

Happy hugs,


More Shopping To Do!

Hello again my friends! Does this stuff look familiar? I thought I would show you more goodies.

One vendor was selling nothing but dolls and boy, did she have some beautiful ones. She also repairs them.

I wanted theses to doll cases so bad! Someone bought them! :(

I'll take one of each please....

I have a soft spot for Nancy Ann dolls.

I love her sweet face!

I was going to buy this highchair for one of my dolls and I forgot it! :( Do you hear that, Barb? This has my name on it.

Barb doesn't just have wonderful treasures you can buy, she also serves tea and yummy desserts.

Do you want this garden gate? SO DO I!

Some wonderful hardware in an awesome metal box.

I love these old scales.

Love the window and the wooden box and the chalk board and the...

Isn't this cute how she altered this washboard? Double click on photos and you can get a better look.

I love this shelf!

All kinds of goodies.

I'll take everything on this shelf! Well, wouldn't you? :)

Oh and everything on this shelf too.

I don't know what her name is but I wanted her to come home with me too.

How sweet are these?

I love this frame and photo.

And oh my goodness...I want these boots! No not to wear. I would have to cut my toes off to get my feet into these. Hear that, Barb? These have my name on them too. (I'm serious)

Are there any collectors of old cameras out there? Well, Barb has a few!

Remember those days of watching films on these? Those were the good ol' days.

I love old sewing drawers. I have some in my craftroom-perfect for ribbon. And look at the cool metal hardware.

I went back to get this little birdie and he was gone! :( He is so cute!!

No, these aren't my forks. But they're cute.

Thanks for shopping along with me again. I think I have one more post about this wonderful place so make sure you come back. Tell me what your favorites are. Did you covet everything like I did? ;) Well, at least we can say this kind of shopping doesn't cost us anything, right?

I'm also taking a class at Artful Gathering too. I will share about that later.

I hope you are having a great week. What are you working on? Are you going on vacation? I love your comments!

Blessings and hugs,


Monday, June 27, 2011

Come Shopping With Me!

Hi friends! So glad you could join me! Do you recognize the lady in the above photo? Yep. It's Barb from Treasures From the Heart. She was just buzzing around the place trying to make sure everything was just so before we let people in.

I love this rusted drawer thing that Barb has in her store! And all the bling too.

I sn't this a great old mailbox?

I love this little purse and the little dress is pretty cute too.

More precious little dresses.

Yes. I want this screen door! I LOVE the chicken wire on it!

I love when people use the old wire baskets as shelves. Double click on any photos if you want to really look at something.

Love this old typewriter.

I'm sure Barb made this tussie mussie with the cute little bird's nest in it


This photo is sideways. Sorry. These clock faces and limoge cards were under a cloche. That's what the cards are called right? I just started doubting myself.

I love all of this!

Here are those gorgeous flower pins that Barb makes. Love them.

Cute Hens and Chicks in this cup.

Cute "abc" cup.

I love anything embroidered.

Oh....I love this chair. It sold :

I love these cute pink pillows.

I couldn't remember all of the vendors names but I remember the one that had this section as she was right next to me. Between customers we talked all day. Her name is Rae-Marie. Hi Rae-Marie! She sold TONS of stuff.

This bird cage was a STEAL! Katherine do you think your babies would like this cage? IT. IS. HUGE! And it was bought right away. It's two pieces.

Well, that's all for now, my shopping friends! I will be back with more!

I'm so glad you visited and for the sweet comments, my friends.

Love to all,