Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Purr-fect Friend and Learning to Fish

Hello dear friends! I hope all is well with you and you aren't having trouble like I am! I have been visiting other blogs and want to leave a comment and blogger won't let me. Ugghhh (eyes rolling)!
I finally finished one of my collages that has been laying on my work table for the last month. Double click on any photos and you can see the details better.
I just love this picture of this little girl feeding her kitty.

The purr-fect friend. My kitties are, that's for sure.

Isn't she sweet? The little girl must think the kitty is pretty hungry!

I thought this little kitty bowl would be a cute addition to the collage.
Of course, I coffee stained everything. I like the little ribbon with the paw prints,the word purrr and meow, the kitty face and mouse with a little buckle.

My daughter bought Deacon a fishing pole and was trying to teach him how to fish. He was pretty excited about it but lost interest soon because he had no bites. Maybe next time.

It was kind of cloudy but at least it was warm.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. What are you doing Memorial weekend? Anything fun?

Big hugs to you,



Vicki said...

Deacon is getting big! Love the collage. That is a sweet, sweet picture to use. Let's see if blogger cooperates!

Createology said...

Your collage is just darling. I love all the details you added. So sweet to teach the little one fishing. My daughter and one of my granddaughters just love to fish. Me...no thanks! Happy week...

Robin said...

Your collage is adorable Sonya. I kinda figured something was wrong with blogger. Have a great day.


Julie Harward said...

Beautiful work here, love it! This weekend we are having a family party for my 98 year old MIL..should be fun! :D

FarfallaDK said...

What a lovely collage!
I really like all the different kinds of fabric and the details with the buttons.

XO FarfallaDK

Kasia said...

I understand Deacon SO well! LOL
Sonya, the collage is simply stunning! A masterpiece! So warm and fill of beautiful memories! :) You have some beautiful views around your house, the river is lovely!


Fabric Art said...

Oh Sonya what a beautiful collage, love the image, the little girl is so sweet feeding the kitty. Have a nice day.

Charmingdesigns said...

Oooh I LOVE your collage! I love pictures like that, they're my favorite!!

ayearinenglish said...

It is very frustrating when you can´t leave any comments when you really want to - I totally agree.

The collage you made is fantastic, what a creative person you are.

Have a nice day!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Sonya, I tried to post earlier today but was having the same problem you experienced. Seems to be fixed now. I love your sweet collage but it is making me rethink how I dress when I go to feed my outside kitties. HA! Now where did I put my bonnet and ruffly dress? :) I love fishing -- haven't done it in a long time, and I don't like taking the fish off the hook, but I become rather competitive, or maybe addicted is a better word -- sort of like gambling, I want to catch something so I will try and try and try again. My dad took the kids fishing a couple of times when they were little and I managed to hog the pole. Poor kids! I kept hearing "Mom, when is it our turn?" :/ Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

Candy C said...

Your collage piece is beautiful, Sonya. Love the colors and all of your sweet little details you included. It's just your classic elegant style. And the picture of your daughter and Deacon fishing...priceless. I think that would be the subject of a beautiful collage. :) <3 Candy

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonya, What a great photo of Deacon learning to fish. The collage is so sweet and such attention to detail. Hope you have a nice afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Mildred Nalley - I could not get blogger to accept me!!!!!!!