Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Kitties

Here is a photo of me holding my Buddy boy. Isn't he tiny? Haha! And wouldn't you know it, he's the one that wants to be held all the time. He likes to eat red peppers, oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, banana, and squash. Isn't that funny?

This is Baby. Fitting name as she is 6 lbs. and very petite. You can see how tiny her feet are in the other photos. She is the sweetest and most undemanding of all my little ones. She is my rescue kitty and I love her.

He looks very enthused, doesn't he? This is where he lays while I'm crafting. Or the back of my chair and he licks my hair!

Baby is always trying to lay on top of Buddy because...well, he's soft! Buddy weighs 18 lbs. to her 6!

I don't think he's very happy about getting woke up.

Baby cautiously tries to get situated. Because sometimes Buddy gets grouchy with her if he's not in the mood to be bothered.

Baby is slowing, trying to get comfy

I don't think she looks very comfortable, do you? Poor thing, she looks like she's going to fall off.

Baby doesn't like the flash of the camera. See her tiny feet? It kind of looks like her tail is shut in the door, huh? It isn't. :)

Oh! I have to tell you great news! Sissie had her check-up at the vet. And the vet said she has never seen a dog bounce back so fast like Sissie has. She said it's just a miracle! I told her that all of you have been praying for her! Sissie has lost a little over a pound already which is good. She is still 11 and 1/2 lbs. and the vet would like to see her down to about 8. Which shouldn't be any trouble with the new food she is eating. Which she actually likes! Hooray!

Thank you again for all of your prayers for Sissie!

Blessings and prayers to you, especially to the tornado victims. My heart goes out to you, dear ones.



Robin said...

So glad to hear the great news about Sissie!


Dorthe said...

Oh Sonya, he is beautiful- and SOOO big- love him eating fruit-so funny-
and your petit Baby is a true little missy- they are wonderful,together.

Kasia said...

Hey Sonya!
That little tiger that youre holding in your arms is not any chubby kitty It is a very aristocratic and beautiful breed! They are beautiful aristocats and also a breed that loves swimming. They are a big breed in itself males can easily reach 22lb! So yours is average. They have a double coat (waterproof) and they are very demanding in attention. I present you... The norwegian forest cat! I would know, I have had one myself!!! Hes completely adorable! And the little lady is lovely as well! And of course their owner is beautiful and elegant as well!
Stunning kitties you have! They must be a joy!


sissie said...

I thought my Gizzie was big at 12 pounds, but your baby has mine beat! She's very pretty and so is baby.
I'm glad that your "sissie" is doing well.


Marianne said...

Great news about Sissie.
Love the kitties.
Hugs to you

Linda said...

Glad to hear Sissie is doing better!
Oh my gosh what a giant cat child! Love them both!Very cute cat children!!

Gaby Bee said...

OMG what a BOY! I'm totally in love with him:) Your kitties are adorable!

Have a lovely week!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey there! I am so glad that Sissie is doing well. You keep her on that special diet so that she stays that bright eyed and bushy tailed. :) Baby is so funny trying to sleep on Buddy! Hilarious! Best wishes to all of you, Tammy

Lynn Stevens said...

ROFL, My hubby came in when I was looking at your BIG kitty, he said it looked like Garfield, That is one big kitty, He could eat my dogs for breakfast. LOL
glad Sissie is doing better!
hugs Lynn

Lululiz said...

Wonderful news about your Sissie, that must have put the smile back on your face.
Now, isn't Buddy Boy a handsome fella? And so big! Must be the weird but healthy diet of all that fruit and veg, lol.

QueenMarcy said...

Your BUDDY looks so much like my BUBBIE! Is he a Maine Coon? Bubbie weighs 20 pounds, but your Buddy looks bigger than him? Aren't they just the most loving kitties? You can see some pix of Bubbie at my blog, www.queenmarcyoriginals.typepad.com. He has two Maine Coon sisters as well. Love the kitty cats!!!! Marcy Antle