Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Garage Sale Finds

My husband and I went to a bunch of garage sales last Friday. One of the last ones we went to was a house that belonged to a hoarder! It.was.amazing! The niece of the guy told me that I should have been there in the morning. She said all you could do was walk through the house as if you're walking on a path, with boxes stacked clear to the ceiling on both side of the path. Stacks and stacks clear to every wall! And the house smelled! YUCK! The guy had 5 refrigerators FULL of food! The niece had to donate all the food or it would have went bad. Needless to say, we found some really great deals. I am only going to show you part of it this time and then the rest on the next post. I can only imagine what we probably missed earlier that day. It's okay though, I came home with more than plenty.

I found this picture of the butterflies absolutely covered in dirt and grime. It cleaned up just fine. And even better? It was only 50 cents! I love the curved glass, don't you?
This box with the three drawers will be painted and used in my craft room.

Cute vellum envelopes for collages...

Cute leather labels...

I love these cute red corrugated hearts with music note background and other embellishments.

I needed this weekly schedule tablet...

A great altoid tin that will be altered. Yeah, I'll just add that to my list...

I really like the cover of this "Black Beauty" book. I think it will work great for maybe a western themed collage...

One of the pictures inside the book..

A whisk broom and a heavy duty old stapler.

A rusty old horseshoe and a rusty old lock.

A bunch of vintage Christmas balls...

I just love Peter Rabbit! Anything Beatrix Potter really. I have a little collection of the Peter Rabbit figurines, I will show you some day. I keep thinking I need to get rid of these, but I always change my mind. Sort of like my doll collection. Why can't I part with them? Is there a psychologist in the house? ;) Really, I bought this movie for my grandson.

A yellow-ochre leather coin purse-great for nests!

A little washboard with a glass front. I thought the top part of the washboard would look cute covered with vintage wallpaper, don't you?

A bag full of dominoes that will make great altered jewelry. That's something else I've been working on and will share with you shortly. :)

I don't know why, but I wanted this spray nozzle. It's so cute and stubby! ;P

Well, that's it for now, my friends. Please come back and see the next post of goodies! And are you sitting down? I bought ALL of this and the next group of goodies on my following post for $7!! YES! You read it right! SEVEN DOLLARS! Isn't that fabulous?!

Also, on a serious note...remember my last post of the Fruit of the Spirit picture that I made for my friend, Debbies's SIL and BIL? Well, he passed away today at noon. Please if you have a chance...pray for his family. He is in heaven rejoicing with Debbie's husband now. They both died of lung cancer. Debbie's husband passed last year at the age of only 47 and now his brother a year later died at 50. Both of them were very Godly men and if you knew them, you would have loved them.

Thank you for stopping by dear friends. I hope you all have a blessed coming week. Don't forget to come back for partII!




Kasia said...

Oh Sonya! Ill say it again! Im so so sorry for the loss! I hope somehow it all works out.

On another note... Look at all the wonderful finds! Isin't all this neat? Wow! I absolutely love the wallet, it WILL make a sweet nest! I love everything! The Christmas decorations are a great find, as is the washing board! Yay! You must have tons of fun!


Susan said...

What beautiful finds!

Vintage Gal said...

Debbie ~ My thoughts and prayers are with your friend's family.

I absolutely love your treasures, the whisk broom and the nozzle are fabulous ;-)

Dorthe said...

Sonya, dear- I feel so sad for Debbie-and the family- so tragic some families are hit so hart.

Your finds are great, and I love the christmas balls- and every thing else.
I hope your monday is lovely.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
so sorry - my thoughts and prayers are with your friends family.
Wonderful finds! Enjoy your treasures.

Cynthia Lloréns said...

I appreciate your wordsin the Cindy´s blog!!!! you so sweet at all!!!!and I am delighted with your blog ... everything here is very beautiful!You are so talented!!!!!
I love your tresure...and I´m so sorry for your friend!!!
Again thank you.
Already turned his follower!
Kisses and huges from Brazil