Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fruit of the Spirit, Flowers and a Fruit Dessert!

I made one of these 'Fruit of the Spirit' collages before. A friend of mine asked me to make one for her brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Her brother-in-law has terminal cancer. Please send a prayer up above for him and his family.

You can double click if you want to get a better view.

I bought the cross from an Etsy shoppe awhile ago. This cross came from the Ukraine. I glued a pearl in the center.

The fruit of the Spirit is the spontaneous work of the Holy Spirit in us. The Spirit produces these character traits that are found in the nature of Christ. They are the by-products of Christ's control-we can't obtain them by 'trying' to get them without His help. If we want the fruit of the Spirit to grow in us, we must join our lives to His. We must know Him, love Him, remember Him, and imitate Him. As a result, we'll fulfill the intended purpose of the law-to love God and our neighbors. Which of these qualities do you want the Spirit to produce in you? My friends, I want ALL of them! :)

I so wish you could smell this rose! It is heavenly. Years ago (probably 15) an old neighbor of mine had this rose in her front yard. I admired it everytime I passed. She ended up giving me a start off this Rosa Rugosa. My neighbor was in her 80's when she gave me this rose to me and she said it had belonged to her Mother when her Mother was young. It has moved everywhere I've moved! It is so tough and I don't have to spray with fungicides or pesticides and even feed it! It is very, very thorny. I have to wear special gloves it I want to touch it. Notice the different texture of the leaves even.

This little bee didn't mind at all that I was taking his picture! This is an Allium. It's related to the onion family.

This is a yummy strawberry trifle that I made for my bible study group. I never made this recipe before and boy, it was sure good. We ate it all! :) I know, surprise, huh? So much for the fruit of the Spirit of self-control, huh? ;P

I need to make it again! I LOVE strawberries!Well, I hope I didn't make you drool too much! Heehee.

What did you all do this weekend? I went to a bunch of garage sales yesterday and will be sharing the goodies I found, but it will probably have to be broke down into a couple posts! I'm also working on several projects (all at once) and hopefully will start finishing some of these soon to show you! I haven't stopped making things, I promise!

Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment if you would like. I love hearing from all of you. I always try to answer you back.

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends.



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Barbara said...

So where is the recipe for the trifle? (she says while wiping drool off of the keyboard.(

donna!ee said...

wow...i really dig the way your fruit of the Spirit collage came together AND the your explanation of the on-going transformation in believers lives by the Holy Spirit. truly exceptional, thank you much for sharing! :)

Robin said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to your Sister and Brother In Law, and what a lovely collage. Oh my goodness, that dessert looks so good. So it sounds like you managed to snag a few bargains on your recent garage sale expedition....especially if you have to break it down into several posts! I can't wait to see the bargains you got. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Dorthe said...

Dear Sonya, your collage is so beautiful, and the words to follow-too-
I have many Rosa Rugosa `s here, actually they live wild in every beach area, and I have some in the garden ,too. They are surely beautiful- and they make wonderful vinnegar- if putting the leaves inside some whitevine vinegar-they leaves the most wonderful fragrance and color.
UHMMMM your desert looks so tasty-too-

Zoechaos said...

Such a wonderful treasure a real delight. Sending positive thoughts for your friends Brother in Law. XOXO Zoe

Gisèle said...

what a lovely creation...sending prayers for your friends Brother and sister in law...

Katie said...

That tree is awesome! And the trifle looks oh so yummy! Thanks for linking up with Scripture & a Snapshot today - we're happy to have you! :)

Kasia said...

I love the theme. I can see alot of thought had went into it! I love the rose, it is beautiful and has such a rich history! How sweet of you to take it with you! I wouldnt leave it anywhere too!

The dessert didnt make me drool at all... (lies) I sent Magda quickly to get me some heave cream and strawberries! >:D It looked delicious.

Thank you so much for the sweet post, I wish you a best Sunday!


Mildred said...

Thank you for sharing the collage. That is awesome.
Your garage sales sound like a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing what you found!
Now...that dessert...looks so good!
The rose is beautiful and how very special to know its history. Thanks for a delightful post. Have a happy week.