Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rootin' Tootin' Birthday Present

Sorry about these photos being so out of order. They kept turning on me everytime I downloaded them. And I'm too tired to start over! Again!
This photo has nothing to do with my post but I took it today and wanted you to see these clouds that are leaving my stuffed up head! Praise God! I'm finally out of bed! Boy, that wasn't any fun I tell you. But I'm feeling well enough to get out of bed. Of course, it sunshined the whole time I was in bed. And now...here come the clouds! That's okay...it will sunshine again. :)
My oldest sister's birthday was on the 31st of last month and I so wanted to finish this for her sooner, but she understands. She likes cowboy/cowgirl stuff, so I thought I would make her a collage for her 64th birthday! Don't worry she won't mind me telling you her age.
What do you think about this rusted horseshoe? You think it's rusted enough?

The background fabric is from Liz @ Lululiz in Lalaland. She lives in England but also has a place in France. That's where she purchased this fabric. It's just beautiful and really old. I ordered some more from her! She has another blog Lululiz in Vintageland where she sells her wonderful finds. She is in France right now, maybe she will find some more of this lovely fabric! So go see her! No, I don't mean go to France...go to her blog. Sillies. ;)

I put a key (for the jail of course) on this collage since I glued a star on the lady in the picture.
I thought this was cute. My sister is a very good cook and I thought she would get a kick out of this. And really she doesn't ever take to makin' trouble. She is as sweet as can be.
Some cute buttons I found at JoAnn's Fabric store.
I stamped Roseann's age on the little pieces of wood. (She'll love that) ;D I sewed brown leather fringe on the bottom to match the lady's gloves in the pic.
Guess where I found this tin star? I got it at a garage sale. It's really a masonic lodge pin. And I painted the center of the star with some silver paint!

A close-up view of her age! Heehee! Just kidding! I didn't really know what this was going to turn out like as I'm not really into western themed stuff, but I hope she likes it. Happy Birthday, Roseann. I love you!

Tomorrow, I will show you what I bought from Nancy @ Sugar Lump Studios! If you've never visited her, you need to. She is a terrific artist.

I hope all is well with all of you and I'm so glad you stopped by. Have a wonderful week. And remember to count your blessings.




Robin said...

This is a wonderful collage for your sister Sonya! Love how you added her age to the collage. That horseshoe looks perfect as does the Western themed buttons. I'm sure she will love it.


Vicki said...

So glad you are feeling better. Love the collage and the rusty horseshoe to hang it from. I have a box of rusty horseshoes. I wanted to make a wedding gift once (lucky horseshoe) then St. Patty's day...I need to use these darn things. They are so cool! Great idea to use as a hanger.

khess136 said...

Your sister is one lucky gal, Sonya! I'm sure she'll be pleased as punch to get this beautiful birthday gift. Love, love, love your creativity!!

The Cranky Queen said...

I love your cowgirl gift for your sis...too cute and adored the personal touch...Tiff

Lynn Stevens said...

YeeeeeHawwww, Your western collage for your sisters Birthday gift is so much fun! I'm sure she will adore it. so many fun things going on. Wish her a Happy B-Day from all of us!
Hugs Lynn

BuyWoWAccount said...

That's one great gift to be treasured. It's vintage look has a character. Great creation!

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Nancy Maxwell James said...

your sister will LOVE this wonderful collage! gorgeous work and such a keepsake!

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Sonya, this is my first visit to you and I am hooked! I really must speak to my own sister about planning something this wonderful for my birthday! If she starts today it might be ready by October! I even have a rusty horseshoe which I found in an old lake bed. I am your newest follower and look forward to getting to know you. Linda