Thursday, April 7, 2011

Look who flew in!

When I opened my mailbox today, I saw something sparkling inside. What is it? I pulled the envelopes out of the box and I found...yes, I think I know what it is! It's pixy dust on a yellow manila envelope... addressed to ME! Oh my goodness, what is inside? The envelope jiggled in my hand! So I opened it really fast! And...yes! I was right! It was a faerie and she flew out and lighted on my hand! She was magnificent! She told me that her name was Frieda and that she was a friendship faerie and Cindy had sent her to me! Oh my goodness, I'm so glad, I told her. And I took her to my house and showed her around.
This is where she landed.

She said she liked it right here, in my dining room. Sitting on this cake plate with a bird and a nest right next to her. Look at the bird in her hand! It looks like the bird sitting behind her, don't you think? Amazing! Double click to get a better view.

I love her Cindy! If you haven't met my friend Cindy, you've just gotta. I met her through her blog not too long ago and we became fast friends. She is a very talented writer and artist and very sweet. You can find her at Cindy Adkins' Whimsical Musings. You will love her.

Thank you so much for my faerie, Cindy! I know she will be very happy here in her new home!

And thank you, friends for stopping by to visit. I hope you will go visit Cindy, too. Tell her I sent you and tell her Hi for me!

I hope your Friday is a blessed one.




Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Sonya,
Oh my gosh--she flew so fast! lol And wow, I just LOVE where she landed! This is more than I could ever imagine--She must feel like she's in dreamland for sure.

Sending big hugs your way,

Kasia said...

OMG this is astounding! What a wonderful sharing! Thank you! It looks simlgorgeous!


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
what a wonderful post and your fairy is just beautiful!!Enjoy your new treasure.
I'm sure she found a wonderful home.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh how LUCKY were you Sonya to receive such a sprite....She looks positively GORGEOUS sitting there in her new home....!

THANK YOU so much for stopping by....I'm CHUFFED you liked my Treasures....It was FUN sharing them with you....!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend Lovey....!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Sonya, what a wonderful gift to receive in your mailbox. That Cindy is a treasure! Have a fabulous Friday! :) Tammy

The Cranky Queen said...

Sonya...Lucky Ducky! I adore the little fairy and flew on over to Cindy's blog and became a follower...she is one talented girl...thanx for sharing. Remember to enter my Giveaway over at The Cranky Queen if you havent yet...Tiff

Candy C said...

Your new fairy that has taken up residence at your home is lovely! What a lovely thing for your friend, Cindy to have sent her winging her way to you! I must check out her blog! <3 Candy