Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Look What I Got!

Dear friends...I have to tell you, yesterday was a wonderful day for me. Not only did my Sissie get to come home...I also received a package in the mail! I recently won a giveaway from Kasia @ Chatelet. Have you met her yet? If you haven't, you need to. Her and I have become fast friends. We e-mail each other almost everyday! I just love blogland, don't you? Her and I would never have met if it wasn't for blogging! And I always enjoy hearing from her. The giveaway was suppose to be earrings. Well, when I saw the package, I knew there's was more than a pair of beautiful earrings. You have to see this:

Isn't this beautiful? Double click to get a closer look. I just love how she wrapped my package. I'm so thankful for cameras, aren't you?

There was a card laying right on top. So of course, I opened that first.

Beautiful card isn't it?

I removed the tissue and LOOK! The box was just brimming with goodies! I was so excited, I just wanted to start opening things a hundred miles an hour. But I had to calm down to take pictures. :)

Just look, friends. I am just stunned. And thrilled! She wrapped everything so beautifully.

This sachet smells SO wonderful...I wish YOU could smell it! It smells like lavender. :) I put it in my undie drawer. ;P It says thank you-Thank YOU, Kasia!

Another little box-AND another wonderful scent. It is shea butter soap made in England. I can't wait to use it! Isn't the bow adorable? With the little pearls on it?

I love this chicken! Isn't she the cutest? And look what's inside....

Just gorgeous. This will go in my lavender room!

And this? A delicious candy bar made in Germany! And you bet I opened it already! :) Dark chocolate with raspberries! I LOVE dark chocolate! It's my fave! And I think this is the best chocolate I have ever tasted in my life!

How adorable is this?

Isn't this the cutest egg you've ever seen? I love the color and the pearls.

Isn't this fantastic? It is just perfect. It's a tea cozy-if you can't tell by my photos. The fabric is awesome.

What's in this?

Have you ever tried this tea before? I haven't yet, but I'm going to today. :) This tea comes from the twigs of the 'red bush' in South Africa. I'm looking forward to trying this-I love tea. I think Tammy @ T's Daily Treasures recommended this tea on her blog. Didn't you, Tammy?

Beautiful copper color wrapping. And look at the heart... sweet.

And here are the beautiful amber earrings I won! Aren't they gorgeous? Look what they are hanging on. Isn't that cool?

I was trying to capture the sunlight on these beauties.

Can you see why I was so excited? Isn't Kasia wonderful? Go visit her, get to know her. She is very sweet-not just because of my goodies either. She is a very nice person to get to know...and I am blessed by knowing her.

Thank you, Kasia for your wonderful gifts, dear friend. I love everyone of them!

Thank you for visiting everyone! Now go visit Kasia and tell her I sent you!




Robin said...

What a beautiful gift you received from Kasia! Isn't it great getting packages in the mail from other bloggers?


Fabric Art said...

So glad to hear that Sissie is home again, what a fantastic package Sonya all these wonderful things, love the Rooibos tea, I drink it every day.

Kasia said...

Oh my Gosh Sonya! Thank you for the wonderful post, I was blushing through reading this... So many wonderful comments about me! :) Im humbled, thank you for being such a wonderful friend!


sweet violets said...

Wow....that was some surprize package!!! So thoughtful and how much fun was that!!

Susan said...

What a wonderful package of goodies!! Everything is so beautifully wrapped and such wonderful treasures! I have to say I am a tad jealous!! I am glad you won those beautiful things!

Sherry said...

What a wonderful giveaway! Kasia is a very generous lady. I love how we can make new friends through our blogs. Enjoy all of your fun gifts.

Vintage Gal said...

What a wonderful giveaway ~ Kasia must be an amazing person. Thank you for introducing us to her. I am going to go over now and introduce myself. Have a blessed day ;-)

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, I will go visit her--I'll bet you almost fainted when it arrived!!! What beautiful treasures and what a wonderful way to celebrate Sissie being home!!!


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
ohhhhhhhh, beautiful gifts! How sweet and generous. Enjoy your treasures and havee a wonderful day.

Lululiz said...

How sweet of Kasia to send you such lovely gifts. The earrings are beautiful, I love amber. Now we have to see a photo of you wearing them ;-) !