Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Little Bit of Nature

This is collage made with another book cover. Some music paper...
pinecones, a stick... (double click for a better view)
A little nest, feathers, a coin purse, moss, a darling little girl holding a bird...
A couple eggs tucked safely inside.
A close-up view of the stick with the cool looking moss on it.

I've always admired artists. I believe they have ALL been given this gift from God. I think Our Father appreciates the beauty of art, don't you? Look at nature...created by the Most Amazing Artist ever...God the Father, Maker of Heaven and of Earth. Thank you, Lord, for giving us the beauty of nature.

Have a fantastic Thursday. And I hope you take a moment and look around. Look at the beauty God has created for US.

Many blessings,



Wanda @ Just Vintage said...


I began to not dread winter so badly when I finally began to think of it as seeing God's sculpture in the trees that are hidden by their beautiful clothes in the summer.

The collage is adorable. I love it!

Trisha said...

I love this collage...the coin purse is my favorite part! So creative and beautiful! Have a wonderful day!


Susan said...

Sonja , the collage is very pretty!!

Robin said...

Oh Sonya, this little collage is just soooo sweet! It's beautiful and perfect in every way, just like nature. Have a fantastic weekend.


Lynn Stevens said...

OHHHH This is fabulous, I have one of those old coin purses and have been wondering what to do with it, Fantastic idea Sonya, Gorgeous hanging. I so Love nature things!!!
Hugs Lynn

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Oh - this piece is so beautiful Sonya. Love the colorcombinations and the details. I´ve just made a piece with a coin purse too - how fun it that. Two souls, same thought.
xo Tina

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

WOW, Sonya!I loooooove it!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Lululiz said...

Sonya, this collage is absolutely fabulous! I love every single bit about it.