Friday, April 29, 2011

I Could Wear a Feather~

Hello everyone! This is the latest bird-themed collage I've made. I love the color of rusty brown. Double click and you can see better. It was so cloudy yesterday that I had a hard time taking good photos.

I found this wooden frame at a garage sale. It came with another one attached to it and the glass was missing. If you look closely-it looks hand-carved because you can see a lot of imperfections in the pattern.

I found this leather coin purse at an antique store. And sewed the word "play" onto it.

This image of this little girl is so cute. This picture came from Dawn @ Feathered Nest. Thank you, Dawn. Can't you just see a child looking this way at a nest they found?

Wouldn't it be awesome to have feathers (just for a minute) and be able to fly?

I wouldn't want feathers for much longer than that for fear of being tempted to eat a bug or a worm! Ewww!

Those are real eggs in the nest. I don't know what kind, do you?

A dried up sunflower from last summer. This flower came from the seeds that fall to the ground where I feed the birds just outside my breakfast nook window. I love watching the birds eating (as they watch me eat!). So does Sissie, Buddy and Baby!

I showed this to my husband and he asked me, "What's with the wire and the nails across the frame and coin purse? They aren't holding those on there are they?" I rolled my eyes. I said, "Never mind!" He said, "Well, honey...whatever!" I told him I'm showing YOU, you'll understand! :) Haha...I hope you do anyway!

I hope all is well with you, dear friends. Please pray for the people who are suffering from the awful tornadoes. Especially the ones who lost precious family members and all their homes.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Blessed Are The Poor"

Hello dear friends. I made this collage a little differently than what I usually do. Usually, I try to make a fabric collage that would be pleasing to the eye. Pretty for people to look at. But this one isn't very pretty. It isn't meant to be. When I saw this old photo, I knew I had to do something with it. If you double click on the photos you can get a better view. Do you see what they are wearing? Do you see that they are without shoes? (I don't remember where I got this photo.)
This photo breaks my heart. I wonder...where are these people today? Are they still alive? Are they hungry? Did anyone help them?

This is the back of the collage. Just an old book cover. But I thought it was appropriate.

This verse is part of the "Beatitudes", in the bible, from the Latin word meaning"blessing."

Here are eight common excuses for not helping the poor and needy:

1. They don't deserve help. They got themselves into poverty; let them get themselves out.

2. God's call to help the poor applies to another time.

3. We don't know any people like this.

4. I have my own needs.

5. Any money I give will be wasted, stolen, or spent. The poor will never see it.

6. I may become a victim myself.

7. I don't know where to start, and I don't have time.

8. My little bit won't make any difference.

How many of us could say that we have used one of these excuses? I must say that I am guilty of this. And ashamed...

There are quite a few scriptures in the bible instructing how we should treat the poor. God's instructions. The number of poor in this world is growing, my friends.

Instead of us making lame excuses, we need to ask what can be done to help? Does your church have programs to help the needy? Could you volunteer to work with a community group that fights poverty? As one individual, you may not be able to accomplish much, but join up with similarly motivated people and watch mountains begin to move!

Have a wonderful rest of the week dear friends.

God bless,


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Look What I Got!

Dear friends...I have to tell you, yesterday was a wonderful day for me. Not only did my Sissie get to come home...I also received a package in the mail! I recently won a giveaway from Kasia @ Chatelet. Have you met her yet? If you haven't, you need to. Her and I have become fast friends. We e-mail each other almost everyday! I just love blogland, don't you? Her and I would never have met if it wasn't for blogging! And I always enjoy hearing from her. The giveaway was suppose to be earrings. Well, when I saw the package, I knew there's was more than a pair of beautiful earrings. You have to see this:

Isn't this beautiful? Double click to get a closer look. I just love how she wrapped my package. I'm so thankful for cameras, aren't you?

There was a card laying right on top. So of course, I opened that first.

Beautiful card isn't it?

I removed the tissue and LOOK! The box was just brimming with goodies! I was so excited, I just wanted to start opening things a hundred miles an hour. But I had to calm down to take pictures. :)

Just look, friends. I am just stunned. And thrilled! She wrapped everything so beautifully.

This sachet smells SO wonderful...I wish YOU could smell it! It smells like lavender. :) I put it in my undie drawer. ;P It says thank you-Thank YOU, Kasia!

Another little box-AND another wonderful scent. It is shea butter soap made in England. I can't wait to use it! Isn't the bow adorable? With the little pearls on it?

I love this chicken! Isn't she the cutest? And look what's inside....

Just gorgeous. This will go in my lavender room!

And this? A delicious candy bar made in Germany! And you bet I opened it already! :) Dark chocolate with raspberries! I LOVE dark chocolate! It's my fave! And I think this is the best chocolate I have ever tasted in my life!

How adorable is this?

Isn't this the cutest egg you've ever seen? I love the color and the pearls.

Isn't this fantastic? It is just perfect. It's a tea cozy-if you can't tell by my photos. The fabric is awesome.

What's in this?

Have you ever tried this tea before? I haven't yet, but I'm going to today. :) This tea comes from the twigs of the 'red bush' in South Africa. I'm looking forward to trying this-I love tea. I think Tammy @ T's Daily Treasures recommended this tea on her blog. Didn't you, Tammy?

Beautiful copper color wrapping. And look at the heart... sweet.

And here are the beautiful amber earrings I won! Aren't they gorgeous? Look what they are hanging on. Isn't that cool?

I was trying to capture the sunlight on these beauties.

Can you see why I was so excited? Isn't Kasia wonderful? Go visit her, get to know her. She is very sweet-not just because of my goodies either. She is a very nice person to get to know...and I am blessed by knowing her.

Thank you, Kasia for your wonderful gifts, dear friend. I love everyone of them!

Thank you for visiting everyone! Now go visit Kasia and tell her I sent you!



Monday, April 25, 2011

Good News!!

Look who's home! She is saying, "I am SO glad to be home with my Mommy and Daddy!"

She is still on 3 different medications and is a little dopey. Can you tell by her eyes? Poor Sissie. She keeps losing control of her bladder. I don't know what that's all about. Hopefully, that is not permanent! She has never had that problem before. She's on pain meds so maybe...maybe she is relaxing a little too much.

This is all she wanted to do all day. I have to take her back to the vet next week and get her glucose level checked to make sure she doesn't have diabetes now. I'm praying that she doesn't. She is on a very bland diet and she isn't happy about that one bit. ;) She is a little cry baby and carried on while we ate lunch today. So at dinner time, I shut her in the other room. No since in torturing her. She doesn't understand.

I just want to thank all of you, dear friends for your encouraging words that were full of love and kindness. I won't ever forget it. It is so nice to know so many caring people that love their pets as much as I do. You have been a blessing to me. And believe me, God heard all of our prayers and I am thankful for that too.

God bless each and everyone of you.

Big loves and hugs,


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where is Your Faith?

Hello all. I have a question for you. Where is your faith? I've been thinking about this a lot. And while thinking about my faith, I made this collage with this specific thing in mind. Do you have faith in the Lord? I tell you, my faith grows more and more in the Lord with every year that passes.
(Double click on photos to appreciate the beauty of the colors.)

Isn't she beautiful? (Image from Paper Whimsy) Everytime I look at her, she reminds me to keep looking up. Keep looking to my Lord. To thank Him, to praise Him, to love Him and to go to Him for everything. Because He is my Lord and Savior. Who died for our sins, so we could have everlasting life with our God the Father. That's how much HE loves us. Imagine sacrificing your innocent son for sinners! When I think about this-really think about how MUCH God loves us, that He did this for us! How can we not have faith? How could we not love Him in return? Jesus accepted our punishment, paid the price for our sins, and then offered us the new life that He had bought for us.

This flower matches the velvet fabric behind it so well. I love the different shades. I know the photo is sideways but you can still see the flower. :)

I found this wonderful pin at a garage sale. I knew it had to go on this collage. Jesus Saves. Yes, He does.

(Pretty burgundy fringe.)

This cross was one that belonged to my Mother and she wore all the time.

Yes, my faith looks up to thee, O Lord. Thank you, for dying on the cross for us.

Praying that YOU all have a blessed Easter Sunday and that you remember to thank our Lord for what HE did for us:

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

I just added this photo because I liked how the sunshine and shadows were hitting it.

I want to thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. I received so many comments that were so appreciated. Thank you again, my friends. My faith is looking up, that Sissie will be just fine. :)

God bless you all as you remember our Lord's sacrifice for us. He is risen!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Please Pray for Sissie!

This post wasn't planned. But it is something I feel that I needed to share with you. My Sissie girl is in the hospital! We were outside again today working in the yard and of course, she was with us! Then we went inside to eat lunch and yes, she followed. But she kept sitting there staring outside into our backyard. I asked her if she saw a birdie and she barked and started dancing around. So I let her out. Next thing you know she is vomiting and you know what at the other end! And then she just staggered and fell to the ground! I ran out to her and I thought she was dead! I turned her over and she was just limp. I thought oh my goodness, she ate something she wasn't suppose to! So we wrapped her in a towel and rushed her to the vet.

(She does NOT like getting her picture taken, and usually turns
her head or walks away) :)
They immediately started running tests on her. Gave her a shot of cortisone as she was having trouble breathing. Next thing you know, she is bleeding profusely from her rectum! I started crying! What is going on, I asked her?! She told me that I needed to go home and she would let me know what the bloodtest showed in about an hour. In the mean time she wanted her on IV's and painkiller. My poor Sissis is in a lot of pain.

(Isn't she just the cutest right here?)

She called me about 2 hours later and said that Sissie has severe pancreatitis! Her enzymes level is suppose to be 1400 or lower and hers was 6900! And her glucose level was 228 and it is suppose to be 140 or less. Which is showing diabetes. And her bilirubin is up in her Liver. But she said that could be because of the pancreatitis. I asked her what on earth is this from? She said it is caused by a number of things. But in toy poodles it can usually be caused by very fatty foods. I said oh no, I gave her Kentucky Fried Chicken just 2 hours before that. And she said THAT will do it! It was MY fault!! We still don't know if she is out of the woods yet or not. But please, if you would, pray for her? She is so sweet and I just love her so much. And I am just sick, knowing that I probably caused her to get so deathly ill. If Kentucky Fried Chicken does this to dogs what does it do to us? The vet is keeping her for at least 2 more days, pumping her full of fluids as she can't eat or drink for at least 2 more days. And will continue to run tests on her organs, to see if there is permanent damage or not.
(Sissie and Buddy are playing. They are only 3 months apart in age and have been the best of friends)

I will keep you posted as soon as I hear more. Thank you for letting me share this with you. If your pets are like family to you too, then you will understand how awful this is for us.

God bless you, friends.