Sunday, March 27, 2011

See what Happens?

Friends, this is what happens when it rains all the time! You get rusty flowers! Just kidding...but it IS raining an awful lot! This piece is a little different than what I normally do. I had the rusty pieces sitting in a sewing drawer for the longest time. You know when you see something and you think, I could use this for something. Then you buy it and it sits... for a long, long time? And if you don't buy it- later on it comes to mind and you wish you would have bought it? That is me- all the time! Drives me nuts. The background is a 8X10 framed canvas. I mod podged some pieces of music paper and other pieces. Double click and you can see it better. Then I white washed it with gesso. And then cherry stain. Printed out the words and then stained them with distressed ink. Then mod podged them on the canvas and the rusty heart.
I love this rusty heart! I'm not sure what it was for, but I love it. It's quite heavy. And about 3 inches across. The center was hollow so I glued one of the many fabulous buttons that I bought from the store, "Indulge". See one of my previous post called "Indulge" and you can read about my awesome deal! I thought this button looked like the center of a flower, don't you? I thought the petals were kind of shaped like hearts too. That was the deciding factor for my heart leaves.
I really like this grassy looking piece of trim that I bought from "Flights of Fancy". I could have used green but hey, this flower hasn't been watered in awhile! Heehee.
I love these rusted hearts.
I took this picture at about 5 O' clock this evening. Not a good time to get a really good picture but the clouds were out ALL day and there was finally a tiny smidgen of sun and I took advantage of it. But it looks too bright now. Oh yeah, the sun on this piece is a rusty washer and the streaks are rusty wire.

I pray that you all have a fabulous week. And thanks for visiting a leaving wonderful comments! And I changed the stipulations on becoming a follower if you want to do so and haven't yet. It should be a lot easier. I didn't realize that I had some restrictions- not anymore. :)

Blessings to you all~



saltbox treasures said...

Hi Sonya, Your creations are lovely! Such pretty details!
Have a great week!
~ Julie

Tammy said...

Hi Sonya, I absolutely love how you pulled this piece all together. Gorgeous! Love that you used so many found bits and pieces. Truly a piece of heart art! :) Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

Kasia said...

Hello Sonya!
What a wonderful masterpiece! And with such cool stuff too! The trim is genius! Never would have thought of that :D Hope you have a splendid weekend as well!


Lynn Stevens said...

What is it bout Rusty things!!! Sonya your canvas is incredible. the trim is perfect for the rusty flower!
I'm the same way when it comes to buying that certain something, I'm still kicking myself for passing on a Victorian baby bonnet at a thrift store for like $6.00 bucks. I had nighmares about it. LOL
hugs Lynn

Fabric Art said...

Sonya your canvas is wonderful the background is so perfect for the rusty flower and hearts, love the words and the trim, Sonya thanks for your sweet comments on my different works, have a nice week.
Hugs Anni

Dorthe said...

It is wonderfull Sonya,
I love how the beautifull rusty pieces stands out, from your background-so well, and the way you created the grass :)
So lovely, dear.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
this is truly beautiful and I love the trim too.So perfect.Great piece - love it.
Have a wonderful start of the week.

Sherrie said...

Beautiful project!

Betsy said...

I love this!! This is so adorable and put a big smile on my face. I love the button in the center. I do the same thing, buy and stash. I just never know when an idea will come along, but sooner or later, everything gets used. Great job!

mzzterry said... i am praying for rain here in east texas. ;)

Lululiz said...

I love the way you have used all the different bits and pieces, they work really well together.
Really attractive mixed media collage.

Gaby Bee said...

Stunning! I think rust is the most beautiful addition to a vintage looking piece. I think if I could I’d have it on everything...

Gaby xo

Barbara Jean said...

Your piece is wonderful!! All that hardware and rust, my kind of 'stuff'. =)

I did not know 'follow' could have any stipulations, but sounds like it did. interesting.

hugs and blessings
barbara jean

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Sonya, Thank you for visiting me today, I have to say your art is just beautiful. I really love it. You are so talented. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

So pretty! I love all the rusty elements, too! You did a wonderful job pulling them all together.

Vicki said...

Another fun piece! I love the rusty flower.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Awesome! I love this!

Lou Cinda

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How beautiful! It really is perfect for this project! I'm visiting from Cindy's! I clicked on the link from her blog! You are very talented! What beautiful things you make! ♥