Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hello friends! I thought I would share with you another place I like to shop! My daughter, grandson and I went here a couple days ago. The place is called, Indulge. The perfect name for it too. It's located in Springfield. This is an almost 10,000 sq. foot building full of wonderful things! This first photo is of their cafe. They serve sandwiches, yummy soups and wonderful desserts. And their coffee is the best!

I don't know what this thingamajig is, but I think it's so cool!

One of the owner's vendors makes this kind of stuff. They had a table (that I didn't take a picture of):( was so cool the top rotated like a lazy susan and looked kind of like this one.

They had tons of chandeliers hanging everywhere! I loved them all!

Aren't these vintage chicks the cutest?

These chicks look like they are wearing their party hats.

Here's a picture of the wrong side of the other 4 chicks! Sorry about that! They all had feathers in their hats.

Isn't she cute?

I thought her feet were cute too.

AND...look at this! All these bags of buttons! There are 37 baggies of buttons!

Each baggie was priced $3 each. And Montana (the lady that owns the store) gave all 37 bags of buttons for...$10!! Can you hear me squealing?! How could I pass them up? They are beautiful buttons too!

I bought this sifter. Now that I have it, I am thinking that it is too shiny. Don't you think?

I put a plant in it for right now.

I have a thing for flashcards. I love the images.

Of course, I found hardware that I just had to have. They just need a little rust. ;)

A pretty runner that I will cut up and use for my collages.

And last but not least a frog. Great for place cards or any kind of cards for that matter.

I had such a good time finding these goodies and can't wait to use them for my crafts. Thank you for visiting. Next time I go to Indulge again, I will take a bunch of pictures of the antiques they have there. They are also going to be opening a spa. Gosh, antiques, food AND a spa. What more would you want? I think I could live there. :)

God bless you all and Happy Spring!



Barbara Jean said...

OH GIRL!! You were in town and did not pick up your prize!!! And, I did not get to see you!!
Glad you had fun. Cannot believe that button deal!

barbara jean

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Sonya! That does look like a great place for everything a girl could want! :) You purchased some wonderful items. Those chicks are so cute! I love the look of your blog now. Best wishes and blessings for a bright and beautiful day. :) Tammy

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
what a wonderful place!! You found some wonderful items.Beautiful hardware - love it.
Have a great Sunday.

The English Romantic said...

Hi Sonya,
What a great place to shop, those button were great. i love a day out shopping especially if there is good coffe too.
Hugs, Angela.

Kasia said...

Hello Sonya!

Looks like you had a VERY good day indeed! What a wonderful deal! And the place looks gorgeous... he thingamajig is awesome, I dont know what it is either but I'd sure love to have it! LOL
Theres a great store near me that has wonderful chandeliers! i must take a few pics and share! I adore going there and every time I promise myself to take pics and never get around to it.

Its great to see you sharing such a cool day with us and all your treasures.
Some bleach should do the trick if youre trying to get rid of metal shine... I had a similar problem and it went away instantly >:)
Take care then! And thanks again!


Vintage Gal said...

Looks like you had fun, fun, fun. This place looks like a place I would love to stay in all day and look ~ great deal on the buttons ;-)

Valerie said...

Hi sonya
What a great place!
I really love the chicks with their party hats.

Have a nice day.

sissie said...

Looks and sounds like a great place to shop. I love all the mannequins in that one booth. You also picked up some good treasures.
The little chicks are darlin.


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, Sonya, this is totally astounding!!!

thecrankyqueen said...

Thanx for sharing your shopping spree! I love the old mannequins! We are going to MO this summer...maybe Springfield can be one of our stops! I shopped in Birmingham on Friday...If you have not stopped by my blog, come check out what The Land of Dixie has to offer1 Tiff

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Sonya,
Oh my gosh, you are the winner of my Wander piece!!! Congratulations!

My email is

Can you send me your address? I'll send it off to right away!

Sandy said...

WHOA... you did good. I love those little chicks with the hats...just too cute for words. Fun time...and I think I heard the squeal! Have a great rest of the weekend..
xoso Sandy O

Linda said...

Oh my found some cool stuff. Wish I could have tagged along!

Lululiz said...

Those chicks, they are just the cutest little darlings. My goodness, girl, you got a great deal on those buttons!