Friday, February 18, 2011

Hooray! My 100th Post Giveaway!!

Here it is! Finally! I will be drawing 2 names. Please leave a comment on this post to enter. More directions at the bottom of this post.
This collage is part one of prize # 1. The background piece of fabric is from sweet Liz. Her blog is Lululiz in Vintageland If you haven't visited her yet, jump on over there! You can see a close-up view of this fabric and it is beautiful!

I coffee stained everything, of course. :) I love this hanger and the back of a piece of drawer pull. I got that part from Barb. You can go visit her on Treasures from the Heart .

Treasures of the Heart. Perfect name for her store!

I love this picture of this little girl. I would like to give someone credit for the photo but I can't remember where I got it. It is a very popular picture.

I forgot to insert the photo of the words! You can kind of see it a little in the photo above. And that is the most important part of the collage to me. You can find this scripture in Psalms 139:14. That's why I wanted this to be one of the giveaways because just in case you needed to be reminded...YOU are. Fearfully and wonderfully made. In the Hebrew text, the word fearfully-means: with great reverence and heart-felt interest and respect. The word wonderfully means: unique, set apart, uniquely marvelous. And YOU are. That's why I put the word "remember" on the hanger. Because I think it is important that we remember how special we are...each one of us.

Pearls of wisdom..."pearls" and "wisdom" both take a long time to develop. Both seem like small objects but they are both VERY valuable. And we are, especially to our Lord.

This is part two of #1 prize. This image is from Paper Whimsy. Go visit them, they have wonderful stuff!

I wonder where I got this from? LOL! Just another reminder for you, friends.

This is part one of #2 prize. Again, the background fabric is from Liz. These photos do not do the fabric justice!

This is the top part of the collage. I sewed the pearls on the piece of lace. I love pearls, can you tell?

This image is from Flights of Fancy. As well as all the lace. Go visit them!

I thought this fit the image of the woman. Being alone and very quiet isn't a bad thing...especially when you are creating. :) Or when you are spending time with God.

And more pearls!

And this is part two of #2 prize. Aren't these little guys cute?

This is the back of the soldered charm. The background of this piece is a little scrap of a shimmery silver piece of wallpaper. Very pretty.

Well, that's it! I hope you like them! If you do, you can get your name thrown in up to three times!

1. Be a follower or become a follower!

2. Leave a comment on this post.

3. Grab the button above and post about my giveaway on your blog. Please let me know if you do! Please let everyone you know that they are welcome to enter!

This is my way of saying thank you to all who visit. I love your comments and I have made some very dear friends. The last day to enter is March 11th. And I will announce the 2 winners on Saturday, March 12th! Good luck to all of you. Oh, it is open to everyone! Including overseas! Yippee!

Thanks for stopping by and I pray that you ALL have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Visit to Treasures From the Heart and My Giveaway Win!

My daughter and I went to visit Barb at her Treasures from the Heart store last week. Which I absolutely LOVE! She made tea for us and sandwich wraps and yummy salads! Delish! Thank you Barb! I just love blogging! I would have never met her if it wasn't for blogland! And she is a doll!
I thought I would share what I brought home with me. My daughter bought even more than I did but I didn't get pictures of that!:( But I have to tell are NOT going to believe this! I checked my e-mail this morning and guess what? I won Barb's giveaway on her blog! YOu know the OWOH giveaway? Haha! Isn't that funny? Go visit her here. One of the things I won is pictured above. The flower. Isn't it the cutest? She shows how to make these on her blog too!
Isn't this sweet? I could make a really cool collage out of this!

Close up view of the little dress.

I found a bunch of cards with different words. And the meanings are on the other side.

I told you I bought a bunch!

I bought a Rook game because I liked the birds on the other side of the card!

A bunch of earrings!

Can you believe these are earrings? They are huge! But I wanted them for the seahorses. I think they would look great on a ocean -themed collage.

A cute little notebook with a angelic-faced girl and her teddy and a key on the front. Bingo cards and a really neat little book of poems.

And look at this awesome hardware!!

I had to have this little doll bed. Isn't it the sweetest thing?

This is the foot of the bed.

This is the head of the bed. And this little guy is fuzzy! Double click and you can see it!

While I'm busy taking pictures of the treasures I bought, my Buddy decides to try out the bed. He looked at me like, "I know this bed is mine, but it isn't big enough!"

Going. Going...

GONE!! He's so cute and petite!
I just had to post this before I post my giveaway! Karen Valentine is designing by giveaway button. As soon as I get it, I will post my giveaway! I can't wait!
Thank you for being SO patient! I have been very busy with some other things that I will share later with you...
Have a wonderful weekend and please keep checking back! And Barb thank you again for my wonderful prize. I love it and you!