Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sealife, Sunsets and a Monkey in a Tree!

We were in the jeep on our way to Lahaina for some food and evening shopping. I snapped this picture, unfortunately there are signs in the photo.
This one was a little better. The sky was beautiful, can you see the streaks of the sun streaming through? Double click, you can see them better.

I love this one.

This tree was in the park downtown Lahaina. Isn't it something? Can you see the monkey? Heehee...

Deacon thought it was pretty cool.

A boat just laying out in the water.

The water was so beautiful. We took our antinausea pills before the trip. A few of the people on the boat didn't. And they paid for it.

I took this picture of this boat while we were out whale watching.

I don't know why this picture is in here, but it is. :)

Guess what this is?


They were really this close! The captain actually put a microphone under the water so we could hear one of the whales singing!! It was fantastic!

We got to see a mama with a baby that they guessed to be about 2 weeks old. She was just jumping and jumping like a child playing. It was so beautiful. The Mama was swimming right beside her the whole time. They carry their babies for a year!! And then the babies live with the Mama whale for a year.

This was about the only photo I could get of the baby, because everyone was crowding in and trying to get a photo of her. The ones I got of the baby jumping out of the water had the back of peoples heads too. :(

Here she is again. Mama is the shadow on the right.

This is Harry, the Hairy Yellow Hermit Crab. It looks orange to me.

I can't remember the name of this one! Is it a flounder of some sort?

This is a Long-spined Urchin. I want to touch it. The little white thing next to it is a Rock-boring Urchin.

This is a Yellowtail Coris. He looks like he's glowing.

I believe this is a trumpetfish.

I think this is an Orangeband Surgeonfish.
This is called an Achilles Tang. The yellow ones are called the Yellow Tang. The coral underneath the fish is called Finger Coral.
I hope you enjoyed the photos and will back for the Luau! Thanks so much for joining me on some of my excursions and leaving your comments. I really appreciate it. I hope you have a wonderful Friday!


The English Romantic said...

Amazing pictures, thanks for sharing. I'm looking at them from a cold and frosty England. I wish I was with the 'monkey' in the tree!

Miss Sandy said...

That sure is a darling little monkey! Wow that tree was huge! Love all sea life, did you snorkel while you were there? It is quite amazing to swim with those fish. Fun tour, love the baby whale too.

Charmingdesigns said...

Thank you for the wonderful photos. We have been there a few times, but it has been years. I can almost smell the air. How did you get the underwater photos?

Charlene said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! I have always wanted to see whales. We went on a whale watch in Monterey, CA 2 summers ago but, we didn't see anyting. We have a rain check & when we go back I can promise I will try again. Thanks for sharing the photos with us!!!! HUGS!

bikim said...

gorgeous photos!
love the sky!

Barbara Jean said...

Cute Monkey.
As for some of the other creatures: interesting, and fun to see.
Of course love the whales.
thanks for sharing


barbara jean

Lynn Stevens said...

More fabulous photos Sonya!!! The whales are so cool. How exciting to see a baby with its mom and those underwater pictures are awesome. How'd you do that??
Thanks for sharing it was almost like being there, well sort of!!
hugs Lynn

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
thanks for all your wonderul photos.It brings back so many memories and I also remember the tree.Little Deacon is such a cutie and he must have had a great time.Have a wonderful wekend.

The Richards' said...

Beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a great trip! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Your photos are breathtaking and just what I needed as a "pick me up" today! :) Thanks for your kind comments - feeling about 60% right now and praying each day will get better! :)