Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kapalua Resort

This is the condo that we stayed in. It had 2 big bedrooms, 2 big bathrooms and 2200 sq. ft. It had a really nice washer and dryer too.
These are the stairs leading down to the front door.

This is the entry to the condo.

The livingroom.

Another shot of the livingroom.

This is the lanai off the bedroom that my sister and I slept in.

This is the bedroom my sister and I slept in. The beds were really soft and squishy. The headboard, nightstands, and the dresser had carved pineapples on them. So pretty. The housekeepers came in everyday 2 times a day. Once to clean and at night to turn back our beds. Plus they left a note with cookies every night. :)

The other side of our room
Our bathroom.

This was Nikki's and Deacon's room. I didn't get a picture of the rest of this room. It was huge and very pretty.

View of one of the bathtubs. Nikki's bathroom had double sinks. Plus the washer and dryer.

Another view of the grounds of Kapalua Resort. The place has 22,000 acres! It is something. They have restaurants, golf course, stores and everything else you can imagine.

This is a close-up view of the tree. I thought it was unusual. Well, it is here in Oregon anyway. But I thought it was really pretty. This one of the birds I fed every morning. I have some more pictures of the birds that I will show you later. I've been having trouble downloading pictures off my computer so I will show you later. Grrrr!

This is one of the SEVERAL pools on the grounds! I hope I didn't bore you too much. I have a lot of photos to share with you but like I said, trouble with my computer. It only took me 4 hours to do this much! So, I hope you come back to see more.
I hope you all have a great week! We are suppose to have beautiful weather this week, so I am looking forward to that. I appreciate your visits and sweet comments.


Nancy Maxwell James said...

what an AMAZING place to stay and take this vacation. It looks like a dream...and so warm and sunny (unlike the frigid temps we are having right now)...I hope to go there one day...but they will have to knock me out for the plane ride there...maybe it should be by boat instead...hee hee! stay warm and Happy Monday! :)

Miss Sandy said...

How beautiful! The grounds there are just amazing and landscaped to pretty! Can't wait for the rest of my virtual vacation with you!

Lululiz said...

Looks like a great place to stay for a holiday. The last photograph really made me long for summer to come along, I had enough of winter by now.

Charlene said...

Would you email me the contact info for booking this amazing property? We want to go next year & this looks super!!! Thanks

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
welcome back!What a wonderful place.
TFS. Have a wonderful evening.