Sunday, January 2, 2011

~Buzz, Birthday Cake and the Brood~

This is all Deacon wanted for Christmas. He watches the Toy Story over and over. He already had the Woody Doll that talks but he kept begging his Mom for the Buzz Doll. He was about to go crazy because we made him open that present last.:)
It was so cute. He grabbed his Woody Doll and has the doll hug Buzz and said, "Oh Buzz I missed you!" Isn't that cute? I pretend to talk for the Woody doll and Deacon will carry on a conversation with this doll for quite awhile.

He's pretty happy with Buzz. Good thing we had him open Buzz last or he probably wouldn't have opened the other presents!

We sang happy birthday to Jesus. It's kind of hard to see what is on the cake. Baby Jesus in the manger is in the middle and 4 little tin soldiers holding Christmas trees. I know. What does that have to do with Baby Jesus. Well, Deacon wanted them on the cake. :) Double click on the pictures and you can see them better.

I didn't realize that one of the candles was one of those trick candles that re-light. Deacon was dumbfounded.

So he blew it out. Several times. ;)

Then he started getting frustrated. He he. Then I put the candle in water.

As you can see by the picture. I am sick... but I thought I would share a couple pictures anyway. I'm really dressed up, huh? Left to right, Deacon, Nikki, me, my youngest son, Michael, and his fiance, Amanda.

My husband wouldn't stop taking our picture so we stuck our tongue at him! He wouldn't get in the picture...the turkey.
Anyway, I'm finally on the road to getting better but now my husband, Deacon and daughter are sick. Whatever I had is really contagious and awful. Praying that this will be the last time this year we will be sick! LOL!
I hope all of you are healthy. Thanks for your get-well wishes and kind comments. And praying that this new year is going to be full of happy memories for us all.


Miss Sandy said...

Awww, what a sweet little guy! Sonya, you are beautiful! I am so glad to hear that you are better but sad that your family is now sharing the germ. Praying you will all be well! May this new year find you healthy, happy, and blessed beyond measure!

Vicki said...

Oh no! You got everyone else sick? Darn! What a lovely family you have. My Jack was Toy Story crazy when it came out. He carried Buzz everywhere he went. He was obsessed! Fun to see TS3 come out this year. We enjoyed seeing it with him and his sister eventhough they are now 9 and 11. I think I see a Basset Hound on Deacon's sweatshirt too. Love it! Get everyone better and take care of yourself too!