Thursday, January 27, 2011

Luau in Lahaina!

Finally! I finished downloading the Luau pictures! We are a colorful bunch aren't we? LOL! They gave us each a puka shell necklace.
The back of my cute little Deacon! He loved this outfit because it had turtles on it. He liked it so much he slept in it!!

They are showing us the pig that they had buried and had been cooking. They said a blessing before we ate. We ate that and teriyaki chicken, steak, mahi mahi, noodles, potatoes, green salad, coconut fruit salad, variety of other salads, and desserts. Everything was just delicious.

The Emcee asked if there was anyone in the audience that would like to learn the hula. Deacon RAN up on stage! I couldn't believe it!
Still doing the hula.:)

I think he just realized how many people were watching him! Heehee. There was only 350 people! What's he scared about?

I wished I would have taken another picture of them. I didn't realize Deacon had chocolate cake in his mouth! Could you tell Nikki got some sun that day?

Look our faces match our red dresses! LOL!

The dances were spectacular! Hawaiian, Samoan and Tahitian dances! And the music was wonderful! This Luau was right next to the ocean too.

She was dancing for the newlyweds.

This is the Emcee of the show. She was explaining how the women should wear their flowers in their hair. The left side is for women that are married or spoken for the right side or towards the back of the head. She said for the singles, the bigger the better! She said that's why hers covers her whole head. To draw attention! LOL!

This kid had a body I'm telling you!! I had a side view pic too but it didn't get in here for some reason.

They said this dance and their colorful outfits was a tribute to Bob Hope and his Hawaiian movie. What was it called? It's late and I can't think!

She was beautiful.

She is very pretty. Double click to get close-ups if you want.

This guy even put this fire in his mouth!! I couldn't get a good picture of it, thanks to the guy sitting in front of me. :(

He was twirling this fire like crazy.

I got a picture of Nikki, Deacon and this cute boy that was one of the dancers!! Nikki was embarrassed. ;) Pictured behind them is the buffet. There were 3 rows of it! Yummy food! I should have taken pictures of that too. But the people in line probably wouldn't have appreciated it.
Thank you So much for joining me in my trip to Maui. Just an unforgetable place and if you haven't visited, I hope some day you will get to see it for yourself.
This is also my 100th post!! TA DAH!! I will be taking a little break to prepare my prizes for the winners. So please stay tuned! When I finally post the prizes, I would like anyone who is interested to leave a comment on THAT post. If you are a follower too, you get your name put in 2 times! Okay? I so appreciate the comments that people leave me. I have so enjoyed meeting new friends and old through my blog. It has truly been a "blessing" to me and I am counting it! God bless all of you.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sealife, Sunsets and a Monkey in a Tree!

We were in the jeep on our way to Lahaina for some food and evening shopping. I snapped this picture, unfortunately there are signs in the photo.
This one was a little better. The sky was beautiful, can you see the streaks of the sun streaming through? Double click, you can see them better.

I love this one.

This tree was in the park downtown Lahaina. Isn't it something? Can you see the monkey? Heehee...

Deacon thought it was pretty cool.

A boat just laying out in the water.

The water was so beautiful. We took our antinausea pills before the trip. A few of the people on the boat didn't. And they paid for it.

I took this picture of this boat while we were out whale watching.

I don't know why this picture is in here, but it is. :)

Guess what this is?


They were really this close! The captain actually put a microphone under the water so we could hear one of the whales singing!! It was fantastic!

We got to see a mama with a baby that they guessed to be about 2 weeks old. She was just jumping and jumping like a child playing. It was so beautiful. The Mama was swimming right beside her the whole time. They carry their babies for a year!! And then the babies live with the Mama whale for a year.

This was about the only photo I could get of the baby, because everyone was crowding in and trying to get a photo of her. The ones I got of the baby jumping out of the water had the back of peoples heads too. :(

Here she is again. Mama is the shadow on the right.

This is Harry, the Hairy Yellow Hermit Crab. It looks orange to me.

I can't remember the name of this one! Is it a flounder of some sort?

This is a Long-spined Urchin. I want to touch it. The little white thing next to it is a Rock-boring Urchin.

This is a Yellowtail Coris. He looks like he's glowing.

I believe this is a trumpetfish.

I think this is an Orangeband Surgeonfish.
This is called an Achilles Tang. The yellow ones are called the Yellow Tang. The coral underneath the fish is called Finger Coral.
I hope you enjoyed the photos and will back for the Luau! Thanks so much for joining me on some of my excursions and leaving your comments. I really appreciate it. I hope you have a wonderful Friday!