Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tussie Mussie

Remember these from my shopping trip last month with my daughter? Well, I finally used one for something...
I call it a tussie mussie. I hope that's the right spelling for it. I found in a magazine just this morning, some Christmas-y looking ones and they called them candy cornets. My tussie doesn't have candy in it, so it's a tussie mussie.

I guess I could have put chocolate eggs inside, instead of these. :) Then someone would eat them. Then what would I do?

I thought this heart pin was so cute. I tried really hard to pick up the sparkle in the stones in my photos. This is the best I can do. (I need a new camera):)

I thought these thingies added a pretty sparkle too.

It was really fun trying to figure out how I was going to hang this prism in the opening in the bottom!

Of course, I needed to add a key to go with the heart!

Well, that's it! Click on the pics for a closer view, if you want.
Oh yeah, I found out something else while looking at this magazine. You know that wooden lady in my last post. I didn't know what to call her. Or really what she is for? The mag said that they are called carved wooden Santos figures. It is an 18th century style figure. Originally created in the Middle Ages as ceremonial parade figures. Later they used them as fashion mannequins. Whatever they are, I would love one in my craft room. Just to look at.:)
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Robin said...

It's beautiful Sonya....no matter what you call it!!


Lululiz said...

It turned out ever so well, Sonya, it is a really beautiful tussie mussie. You picked such pretty colours as well, those shades of blue are gorgeous.

Miss Sandy said...

What a beautiful creation! I love the blue color and your embellishments make it look great.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Beautiful tussi mussi, Sonya.Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day.