Monday, December 13, 2010

Glory Days!!

My friend, Rosie and I went on a shopping trip to Springfield today. I took over a 100 pictures of a couple places that we go to. Don't worry I'm not going to show you all of them! I wish you all could have went with me. You would have loved it! I'll take some pictures tomorrow of the treasures I bought. Don't you just love this wreath with all the vintage yummies on it? I wanted this! Why didn't I buy it? This place is called Glory Days. And it is HUGE! We were in there over 3 hours and you know what? We didn't even see everything! I forgot to go upstairs and look around! The place is so over-stimulating that you just can't take it all in. It just makes your heart pound so fast! We didn't eat lunch til 2:00. So we just had to leave. But I want to go back...soon. :)
See the cabinet? I want this for my craft room! Look at the next two pictures. It's the side and backside view of it. Then you will see why I wanted this!

Yes, that black thing is the side view of the cabinet. Just wait and look on the other side...

See. I told you. Pretty cool. I could store all kinds of things in this thing!

Another neat storage shelf. There were a lot of pictures that didn't turn out of course, typical blurry mess. Did I tell you I want a new camera?

I love that red pillow.

Isn't he the cutest snowman? He's about 16 inches tall and very heavy. I wanted him too. :)

Look at this lady! I wanted her to come home with me too! :) Pearls and all.

I love her too! What is she called? Is there a name for her? She was very spendy.
This clock is huge. Wouldn't need your glasses see the time on this one, would you?

I had to show you another shot of the lady and clock face. I love both of them!

What do you think about this rooster? See what he's stepping on? It's an ear of corn! He was so cool looking with the moss and lichen on top of him. He was a pretty penny too. And Sooo heavy!
I will show you more pictures another time. More of this antique mall and another store called Cedar, Sage and Roses. You'll love that one too. If you are ever in Oregon, you need to visit these two stores! You won't be sorry.
I thought I'd let you know that I've got just 20 more postings to go and it will be my 100th already! It will be here before you know it. So I'm letting you know a little early because I will be having a giveaway. And I want your input. What would you like to win? It has to be something I made. No, not my wooden horse! ;) Sorry. I love him/her. I couldn't part with him. So please let me know soon. And it's going to be a giveaway for my followers. So if you're not a follower yet, hop on board! You just might win! I've loved meeting all my followers and others that have left sweet comments. I would love to meet others that visit too that are just too shy. I've had so much fun with my blog and I want to show my appreciation to all of you. Thank you so much for the blog love. God bless you all.


Barbara Jean said...

Oh so fun that Rosie got to come this time!!

I was at the store today. Too bad you did not have time to come over. Great bargain hunting there right now.

Love that cabinet you took a pic of. incredible about how the back is.

Blessings and hugs

barbara jean

Lynn Stevens said...

Wow Sonya, Thats my kinda store! I'm drooling over that cabinet,and the dress form and the doll and well everything. Its your fault if my keyboard quits working. LOL.
Where in Oregon is the store located?
hugs Lynn

Miss Sandy said...

What a cool store and yes that is the coolest storage piece ever! I wish I had time to go and browse just for the inspiration and I wish I lived close enough to that store to check it out. Thanks for sharing and have a sweet day.

Lululiz said...

That storage cabinet is fabulous. I should think any crafter would love to have that in their work room. I sure would.

Lululiz said...

Oopsiedaisy, I was so smitten with that cabinet, totally forgot about the giveaway you are planning. Woohoo!! If you write a post every day, it won't be long at all before you get there. Hmm, with all the excitement of Christmas, you might even be able to manage 2 a day. Tehehehe, not that I am impatient or anything. As to what is going to be in the giveaway, made by you, oh heck, anything you make would be awesome. I loved those glittered acorns, and the Christmas ornies made from the lids and tart forms and your fabric collages and and and.......... you get the idea, lol.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Sonya,
what a wonderful store! So many treasures.
Love the dress form and the cabinet.
Thanks for taking us there.
Have a wonderful day.