Saturday, December 4, 2010

Food For Thought

I just found something that looked like fun while I was visiting Charlene @ My Heart's Ease. She told about a clever idea that she found on Jain's blog called Food For Thought. Jain challenged everyone to blog about their favorite Christmas story and link it to her blog. Go visit these gals if you haven't met them yet. I thought it was a great idea for those who love to read. You might get a heads up on some more good books.
One of my favorites is the book by James Herriot, "The Christmas Day Kitten". I read this to my kids every Christmas for years. They are all grown now and I miss a lot of the childhood traditions we had. This is a true story that is very touching.

The illustrations are just beautiful to me. I'm not going to give the story away, you need to read it yourself.:)

Aren't the bassett hounds just adorable?

Sorry about the date being in the pictures. I don't how it got there! I really do need to read my manual on my camera.

No. He's not in the story. This is my 18 lb. baby boy, Buddy. He likes to eat bananas, red peppers, watermelon and oranges.

What is your favorite Christmas story? Or are you like me and have many?

Have a great weekend!


Miss Sandy said...

What a fun post! I would have to think about which would be my favorite but I think my favorite might be The Penny Whistle by B J Hoff. Happy Saturday Sonya!

food for thought said...

hi sonya, i am so glad you joined in! your link wasn't working on mr linky so i fixed it for you, hopefully now everyone can find you :)

i love james herriot... how did i miss this book! oh it looks so touching, what a wonderful family tradition too.

from one cat lover to another, buddy is gorgeous! such an interesting diet, i have some that stray from the norm, but yours takes the cake with bananas and oranges! i had one that loved doritos, would walk right in the bag eating nonstop...

thank you so much for joining in, i hope you will come back and share more every saturday in december, its so nice to meet new faces and books :)

Barbara Jean said...

I glanced at that book title and thought it said "Christmas Day Kitchen". Totally not interested in anything to do with kitchen! Then saw it was kitten.
too funny, but so like me.



Rettabug said...

Sonya, I've never heard of this book but my little granddaughter is in LOVE with kittens, so I will be requesting it from our library to read to her. Everyone in her family but her is allergic, so we can't have one. :(

Loved seeing your pudgy Buddy....what a hoot on that fruit & veggie diet.

Sarah said...

Sonya, I know this book and I, too, love it. Such a sweet story! Your
18 lb. Buddy looks like a great companion. Thanks for share the joy of both the book and sweetheart, Buddy. ~ Sarah

Mary said...

I'm not familiar with this book of James Herriot! I'll have to check it out! We had a 16 lb. Himalayan that is no longer with us, but he didn't have as varied a diet. Your Buddy is a beauty...his fruit & veggies obviously agree with him :-)

Lynn Stevens said...

I Love reading the Chrismas box every year, it still makes me cry! Your Buddy is beautiful!

jovialjudi said...

Loved your post and what a beautiful book. Your cat is adorable and it always amazes me what our pets enjoy eating! TFS!! Hugs, Judi

Nancy Maxwell James said...

what an amazing book! the illustrations are so gorgeous! I love Buddy too - he and my "Fatty Matty" Baxter would love to meet each other! :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Sonya, that does look like a sweet book. And boy oh boy, that Buddy is a big boy! :) Our Jingles is also orange and loves to eat dates and avocado. Hope you've had a great weekend. Tammy