Thursday, November 4, 2010

Look What I Found in a Used Book Store!

Have you ever heard of Edith Holden? She was born at Kings Norton, Worcestor, in 1871, one of seven children of a Midlands paint manufacturer. The family lived in the small village of Olton in Warwickshire, and it was there that she wrote and illustrated this book. After attending art school, she worked as an illustrator, with her drawings (often of animals) being published in several books.
She later moved to London and in 1911 met and married Ernest Smith, a sculptor; they lived in Chelsea and had no children. On March 16, 1920, in her forty-ninth year, Edith died tragically by drowning in the Thames, while gathering buds from chestnut trees. Isn't that just the saddest?
On January 1, 1906, Edith mad the first entry in a diary which was to record the countryside through the changing seasons. Her words, all carefully written by hand, include her favorite poems, personal thoughts, and observations on the wildlife surrounding her home in the village of Olton, Warwickshire.
She allowed no one to see this book. For seventy years, this book had lain undiscovered until it was found on the shelves of an English country house! Wouldn't you loved to have been the one to find it?
Make sure you double click on the pictures to really get a good view of this photos!
She looks so tiny doesn't she?

Isn't the nest sweet?

This book goes from January to December and every illustration is just breathtaking.

I wish I could have scanned every page, you would just fall in love. She must have really had a love for nature.

Isn't this just an exquisite book? Every single page (180) is perfectly handwritten or illustrated by Edith Holden. I hoped enjoyed learning of this talented artist, as much as I have.


T's Daily Treasures said...

I have heard of Edith Holden and this book is a magnificent find. Lucky, lucky you! Enjoy each and every page. I know it is beautiful to behold. Best wishes, Tammy

donna!ee said...

WooHoo...i have this spectacular book and also found it in a "junk store" ... just goes to prove that one girlie's trash is another girlie's treasure!!! ;)

She Uses Her Words said...

I had never heard of Edith Holden so thank you for sharing this book. It's just beautiful! I'll add it to my list of must haves!
xo, Karen

Lululiz said...

It really is a lovely book, I have owned a copy for many years. It inspired a whole lot of goodies when it was first published, china, fabrics, little knick knacks, bed and table linens, so so pretty. I think I still have a project book based on the Country Diary somewhere. Let me know if you are interested in seeing any of the patterns.

yodafatkitty said...

I also had never heard of Edith Holden. What a beautiful post! Love her illustrations.

Robin said...

What a precious book and really neat lady! Thanks for sharing her story. Hope you have a great weekend!


Alisa said...

Oh, I have this book too and it is so wonderful!

Miss Sandy said...

I have this book too and it remains one of my favorites.

Barbara Jean said...

wonderful book!!

bj =)