Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Collage and Blackberry Junction Show!

Here is another collage I made. This time done in shades of reds and tans. To me, it looks like the woman in the photo might be reading a letter that she has kept for some time and she is reading again...and remembering. That's where the scripture comes in.
If you look close, on the pins that are holding the chain, each one has a word on it. One says "memoirs" and the other says "thoughts".

I bought this locket in a jar full of whatnots at a garage sale.It was missing the stone. I had this fire opal that my youngest son found in the dirt about 15 years ago, and it fit perfectly on the locket. I couldn't get a picture of the inside of the locket focused enough to show you what it looks like. I glued fabric on the inside of it and on one side a glued a heart with a cross in the middle of it. It looks prettier in real life.

In this pocket, which used to be in a discarded library book, I put a domino inside of it. After I cut the pocket down so that the domino would fit, I sewed in on the fabric.

This is what one side of the domino looks like. I love this verse.

And this is the other. Philippians 1:3. I glued red stones in each black indentation.

Just a brass piece I had and I aged it a little bit because it was just too bright and shiny.

And there you go! It was fun to make. Of course this one was coffee stained too.

~Blackberry Junction Show! Now through November 20th!~

If you live in the Northwest (Oregon), you need to go to the Blackberry Junction Show in Albany, Oregon. They have 3 or 4 shows a year. There are two floors full of all kinds of goodies. Homemade items, antiques, vintage christmas decorations , baked goods, jewelry, all kinds of wonderful things. We stood in line for a half hour before it even opened. It is so much fun and you get to meet some of the talented vendors they have. So if you live close by, hop on over there. It's held at the Historic Fairmont Grange Hall, 835 N. Albany Rd., Albany, OR.
This table is one of the items I bought today. I love the length and narrowness of it. Just right for my sewing machine and soldering iron. I won't have to put them away and then drag them back out again! WooHoo!

I love this little pitcher. I have a large one just like it. I love brown. It is getting really hard to find brown transferware, so I settle for this whenever I find it.

Cute little mercury candleholders that will go on the mantel in the family room.

I will probably make an ornament out of this tin.

Cute vintage earrings for my collages.

Cute little stocking. Not sure what I will do with this.

Bag of goodies!
Thanks for stopping in! Remember to count your blessings. I count all the ladies that visit my blog and leave comments as blessings. It just makes my day. It's been fun meeting and getting to know women from all over the world. It is amazing to me how much we have in common but live differently.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Rebecca said...

Love everything my talented friend but that Stocking surely would be lovely in my home!


Lululiz said...

Great finds, I especially love that little pitcher, its so sweet. That long, narrow table, fantastic, what a great work table.
All those little embellishments on your collage, and the thoughts behind them, I love that.

Miss Sandy said...


What another beautiful and amazing piece of art, I adore the Scripture too and such a clever way present it. Love the raspberry and tea stained colors. Good to be back in the land of blog!