Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Collage

I made another collage, this time having to do with motherhood. I took 8 pictures and for some reason my camera turned 6 of them sideways and of course those are the better pictures! Just click on the pictures here and they will get bigger. Click on them again and they will get even closer. I uses part of a verse from Proverbs.


Miss Sandy said...

Another gorgeous creation! I love the image and the Scripture that accompanies it, precious!

From The Heart said...

The picture and the image are beautiful.
I love the scripture!

Barbara Jean said...

Love it, and your blog design.
off to see more

barbara jean

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Absolutelly beautiful! Love all the elements you used.

Dorthe said...

it is such a beautifull collage, the image wonderfull, and all you added makes it look gorgeus.