Friday, September 3, 2010

Kip Harrison Davis Oct. 11,1972-Sept.1,2010

This is a picture of our son-in-law, Kip. He was tragically killed this Wednesday in a motorcycle accident. Please pray for my daughter and 3 children. We are so heartbroken I can't even tell you. This picture was taken on their wedding day. Such a happy, perfect day for everyone. His memorial is set for Thursday the 9th. I'm sure many will attend as he was loved by many. He was a wonderful father and husband and loved my daughter dearly.


Rebecca said...

Sonya...thank you for visiting my sweet friend.

I'm so terribly, terribly sorry for the loss of your SIL, Kip. When I hear of things such as things happening to people so young I find it all hard to comprehend. Truthfully it is ONLY my faith and my faith alone that pulls me through for I know in my heart we will one day see those we love so very much on the other side of heaven.

In the meantime I put your daughter on my little (but ever growing) prayer list. I will pray for God to send her strength and peace during these days. I'd be heartbroken, too, if I were either of you.

Thank you again for sharing your story. Snapped by headache straight away!

Love to you~


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

I'm so very sorry for the loss of your SIL! It just brakes my heart.Sending prayers and love,