Monday, August 23, 2010

Gratitude Community

I have found a wonderful blog called Holy Experience by Ann Voscamp and she is doing something I thought was great. She said it was spontanious and unintentional nevertheless, a good idea for everyone to try . You can join her "Gratitude Community" too if you would like or just do it on your own. Trying to think of 1000 things that you are grateful for! Wow! Being thankful in all things that God has graced us with. Just worshiping the Lord in all ways. No, you don't have write them down in one sitting! But talk about transforming and renewing your mind! I want to try it too. Kind of perfect with the name of my blog too, huh?

1. I'm thankful for You, my Lord, first and foremost. For Your love (unconditional), forgiveness, perfectness, grace, Your Word, Salvation through Your Son, for Your gift of everlasting life...I love You Lord.

2. My family-my husband and children and grandchildren. My friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. Praise God for them all.

3. Summertime, warm sunshine, fresh garden vegetables and fruit, the smell of fresh cut grass, blue sky, beautiful flowers, quiet mornings, sunrises, sunsets, trees and grass gently blowing in the wind. The sound of crickets, baby birds in their nests...

4.Our ability to worship the Lord freely, at church, at home, and in public.

5. Working in the soil and watching things grow and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

6. Throwing rocks in the river with my grandson :)

7. Baby sweet breath.

8. Sleeping and having good dreams.

9. reading good books

10. Canning peaches, beans, tomatoes and eating them in the winter, mmm it taste like summer.

These are 10 of my blessings that I thank God for and still counting.... What are you thankful for?

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